What RULES Do Jehovah's Witnesses Enforce Upon Their Members???

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  • minimus

    Around here, you can do almost anything you want too----as long as you don't let anybody know about it. "Secret sins" are ok.

  • FlyingHighNow

    Franklin J thats it in a nutshell, the Rule of Ignorance.

    Thou Shall Be Ignorant, and in Thy Ignorance find Bliss

    Thou shalt be ignorant and we get blissed from your ignorance. You send us money for the "worldwide preaching work" and we take fishing trips to Alaska on our private plane that you paid for. Thank you ignorant suckers. There is a sucker born every minute!

  • heart2heart

    I hated wearing skirts or dresses and pantyhose to every meeting - especially in the cold or wet weather when I really wanted to wear warm pants!! And the poor brothers who have to always wear a tie and jacket, even when it is so hot outside! Kwin always hated it that men aren't allowed to have beards even though every illustration of Bible characters portrays men with beards! It's ok for women to dye their hair and cut it like the latest styles, and wear cool *modest* clothes, but men have to stick to short hair, clean shaven faces (or just a mustache, no beard/goatee), can't dye their hair and up until the last few years, weren't allowed to wear any other colour shirt except white.


  • jt stumbler
    jt stumbler

    Don't chew gum its inconsiderate. No facial hair excluding moustache.

  • minimus

    For years, Bethelites couldn't have any facial hair. I guess Charles Taze Russell would've gotten kicked out of Bethel!

  • minimus

    Speaking of rules, JWs can have their own rules, in their own congregation. There is no unity when it comes to individual elder body whims. That's why it might be perplexing to someone to see how one JW might be treated in one Hall while another Hall will treat a person doing the exact same thing in the opposite way. Some elders would come down hard for people going to a 4th of July celebration, while another wouldn't even care.

  • teejay

    You're right, Mini. Different elders rule differently. Go figure.

  • unbeliever

    It my old cong. using the word luck or lucky was frowned upon. Talk about being anal.

  • minimus

    Anal? Of of course. The elders can be that.

  • Blueblades

    Branch Office, Rules Book.

    Bethel Headquarters, Rules Book.

    D.O., C.O., Rules Book.

    Elders, Rules Book.i.e, Pay Attention.

    Congregation, Rules Book.

    Then there is the unwritten ORAL Rules Book.You can read into the ORAL Rules anyway you want.

    Minimus,You find whatever anyone has said here in all those Rules Book.

    And they say,"Wherever the Spirit is, there is freedom".

    Blueblades, Did I miss any rules book.

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