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  • czarofmischief

    Spirit broken with all the promises on the covers of 120 years of lying Awake!,

    shaved lip gapes in a smile as empty as all those threats piling up in the closet,

    The car and kids are dented, underinsured, and don't work,

    Weekends planned months in advance by someone else,

    and for all this, "Probably you might get saved in the day of Jehovah"

    "Probably," that Damoclesian dagger on the conscience

    a spur on the pennyloafers;

    sackcloth, ashes, and polyester.

    In Jesus' name, Amen.


  • little1

    From what I have seen they are very fearful. Fearful of making a "wrong" decision-so they allow the GB to make all their decisions for them. There is no margin for error and much pressure is exerted on them to remain in lock step and not think for themselves. They are misguided in many ways, but we all are in some way or another.

    I disagree that they do no harm. What about all of the people-many children-who have died because of their teachings on not receiving blood? What about the families who have been torn apart because one of them decided to break ranks? What about the non-JWs who are romanced by JWs who are on the fence or just playing around in the apostate fields until the JWs jerk them back into line?

    For some you can invoke "forgive them lord, for they know not what they do", but some know exactly what they're doing, and do it anyway.


  • minimus

    Witnesses do not understand that life SHOULD be enjoyed NOW ---- Not Later!!! They think it's sinful to actually enjoy normal (worldly) things. Almost enjoying every "normal" activity is considered unspiritual.....JWs love "classes". Everyone and everything is in a "class". It's one of the reasons I hate it when some always end off with, "From the so-and-so class". It's so JW. JWs have no class.

  • LeslieV

    They love class distinctions.


    .spritually strong-spritiually weak.


    full-time pioneers-temp pioneers

    those reaching out-those not

    The list could go on and on and on.......

    Stepford people They follow blindly without question. Lemmings if you will.

    Now I have to agree with Candi that said not all JW's are like that, and especially the old ones. My grandparents were devout JW's. But they were kind to their neighbors, shared their garden produce with them etc. They never treated the grandchildren that were not JW's any different then the ones that were active. Now my Uncles, cousins etc. are the new JW's that love condemnation, judgment, privilege etc.


  • FlyingHighNow
    Witnesses do not understand that life SHOULD be enjoyed NOW ---- Not Later!!!

    When you are a witness, the gov bod takes away everything from you that makes you unique. This is so you will become uniform and look and sound like millions of other witnesses. If you paint or draw or play music, etc. they make you feel guilty about putting anytime into your talent or hobby, like you are sinful for doing anything for yourself. They make it seem as if you are taking glory away from Jehovah who is the only one who deserves any glory.

    I recall inviting an elder and his family over for a meal and when they arrived I had some Neil Young playing on the stereo. The brother told me that he had loved Neil Young, but gave up "all that music" when he was studying. I turned off the music for the evening. I am very glad to say though that I didn't give up "all that music." I remember very distinctly thinking that to do that would be to give up being myself. I just couldn't believe God would want us to be so extreme in our worship.

  • prophecor

    All that I could become was a do gooder wanna' be. I could only be all that the society felt we should be. Perfect. You must be perfect as your heavenly father is perfect was all I could drum into my head. A human- doing less, than being human, by attempting to be so perfect.

    Add to that a person already geared towards perfectionistic tendencies and you have a neurotic nightmare just waiting in line for the next available psychiatrist couch.

  • minimus

    Prophecor, a "good" JW should, if he or she leaves the organization, definetly seek professional help......Flyin' you bring up a good point. Normal activities, talents and desires are to be considered ultimately sinful.

  • zen nudist
    zen nudist

    minimus quoted and added:

    I just wanted to be right".....I think many become JWs so that they can feel superior to everyone else---be the ONLY ones that are right!

    that is a really hurt reading of what I wrote. I wanted to be right in what I was doing, not in any sense being superior to others

    I think you need to stop seeing being a JW as totally diabolical or evil and start seeing that some of us were in it because it seemed right to us.

  • zen nudist
    zen nudist
    I remember very distinctly thinking that to do that would be to give up being myself. I just couldn't believe God would want us to be so extreme in our worship.

    what you have here is systemic of all cults derived from religions that teach SELF SACRIFICE, not just JWs, but all "good" christians are taught to sacrifice their own desires for the glory of the kingdom....

    what made me pause was the idea.... how is it that I am being saved when what is saved bares no resemblance to me?

  • minimus

    I don't see JWs are diabolical or evil. Some might be, though. But I do think many JWs feel "special".

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