Why Is Alcohol "Good" and Marijuana "Bad"?

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  • prophecor

    The vaporizers issue. What an excellent way of extracting the active ingredients found in marijuana. I was encouraged. The mechanics and science that have gone into this is quite extravagent. I wish such technology was available in my days of P-Funk. It all sounds better than when it was our turn in the 70's but its yall's turn now and I graciously turn over the baton to yous'

    Good Lookin' Out!!!

  • heathen

    cannibus has been blamed for everything from insanity to homosexuallity . I think the problem is that the wanna be do gooders in the country think they can control everybody and the answer is simply imprison people just for possession of a drug which is BTW a victimless crime . I have to gag when I see these commercials about people taking blame because some member of the drug cartel killed somebody in south america and they smoked a joint in their life at some point . I think that's insane , people are accountable for themselves and not for the actions of somebody else . So now you can see the clever way they associate the drug with murder . Alot of people were killed during the prohibition but that didn't stop them from legalizing alcohol again . I just get so sick of this twisted reasoning that leads nowhere in the end and stifles freedom and liberty .

  • ColdRedRain

    Because our government made a more successful attempt to demonize weed than liquor. In the prohibition era, there was a nadir of an extreme and racist brand of social conservatism which resulted in the banning of liquor and weed. Part of that demonizing of weed was giving it an exotic name that incured people's racist tendancies by the government using it's Spanish name, "Marijuana".

    Of course, people were more loyal to their liquor than their weed because weed was less favored to the people of the prohibition era than liquor, and when the prohbition on liquor went away, the prohibition on weed didn't.

    IMHO, I would never smoke the stuff again. It's become a feul to the fire of many of my illnesses. But as for other people using it, I think the government should stop looking in people's pipes and instead use those efforts to watch our boarders for the real criminals in our society.

  • FMZ

    In view of Bradley's topic, I wanted to bump this. So... (mostly to those that feel that marijuana is bad)... why is it bad? Why is it worse than alcohol?


  • not the administrator
    not the administrator

    you ever go to totse.com? another good one is bluelight, erowid,and consumptionjunction for weird stuff.

    I'm all for legalization and would actually get off my ass and vote if it ever came down for that. until then ill set in my garage and smoke my pain meds. even if i didnt use it for pain i would still use it when i felt like it. its like a natural Valium for me.

  • fairchild
    so, which would be worse? Alcohol allergy or pot allergy?

    Um, I'm allergic to both. If I had a choice and could eliminate one of the allergies, I think I'd prefer to have a drink every once in a while. I can have a couple of sips when it comes to alcoholic drinks, but more than 2 sips will make me very sick. As for marijuana, one single drag will get me into the hospital. *coughs uneasily* I had to find that out the hard way.

  • FMZ

    NTA, I am a regular visitor to Erowid. Great site. And yep, I agree, I would also vote for legalization in a second.

    Fairchild... sorry to hear that :(. It really is a shame when one's body completely rejects some of the more enjoyable substances out there.


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