Why Is Alcohol "Good" and Marijuana "Bad"?

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  • FlyingHighNow

    A lot of people make money off illegal drugs that they could never make off legal ones like alcohol. Some of those people are law enforcement people and politicians.

  • heathen

    Good point flying high . It's a great conspiracy theory of mine that just enough drugs get through that politicians can make a little money and hide it away somewhere . If they really cared about the drug in the first place I think they would patrol the mexico american border a little better with all the illegals getting in . I do love beer and as long as I have that I can be happy , I don't need drugs to be happy but hey alchohol is a drug anyway .

  • Odrade

    so, which would be worse? Alcohol allergy or pot allergy? seeing as I haven't indulged in Cannabis in 9 years, but I'm sitting here with drink in hand as we speak, I'd say alcohol, but that's just me.

    btw, no issues with pot. I just bought the cutest little baby bong for a xmas present. It is so cute, I might have to make it a present for ME!


  • SixofNine

    Alcohol gets a thumbs up from the bible, mj doesn't (or if it does, it is too veiled for anyone to have noticed).

  • xenawarrior

    uh oh....... are we going here again?

    Give it 20 or 30 years and marijuana will be legalized.

    *stomps foot* Damnit, I want it NOW !!

  • Mutz

    Probably because Marijuana can't be taxed as easily? Making Alcohol requires a significant investment
    as does the production of tobacco (both causing more deaths and misery than drugs).
    Marijuana however is a weed, anybody can grow it, so making it much more difficult for the state to
    extract their pound of flesh.

  • Mary

    Marijuana stinks---literally.....worse than tobacco. I've never tried it, simply because I've never had a desire to, but I've been around people when they've smoked it. The smell just made me nauseous..........gimme a glass of Cabernet Merlot any time over drugs!!

  • gumby

    Mary mary mary. I shold have responded on stephenie thread on this one. The worst smell I can remember was my buddies wine puke in my fort in my backyard when I was about 15. I still remember that smell.

    Unless you like the smell of skunks, you won't like the smell of good weed.(<<<<guy smoking weed


  • dorothy

    It's all, completely, 100% politics.

  • frankiespeakin
    Why Is Alcohol "Good" and Marijuana "Bad"?

    It's all what you have been conditioned to beleive. They are both good and bad it all depend how you use them.

    I am totally against government getting too involved in these issues. Government is suppose to be for the people, by the people,,and to serve the best interest of the people,, we pay taxes for this service,, government should not restrict personal freedoms that clash with certain religious beleifs. If a person decided to use a particular drug and he is past the age 18 that should be a decission that he have full freedom to make unrestricted by some "authority" who claims to know what is best for its citizen.

    But if we want to compare bad effect on health both physical and mental of alcohol and pot,, alcohol has more bad effects by far. So "Why Is Alcohol "Good" and Marijuana "Bad"?" it all conditioning what you have been conditioned to beleive.

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