Why Is Alcohol "Good" and Marijuana "Bad"?

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  • shotgun

    FMZ just like birthdays the bible shows it kills ya!

    Example..Stephen had a heavenly vision while getting stoned and died.

    Some guy got stoned over a woody on the sabbath and died

    Even Joseph saved mary from getting stoned so it must be bad.

    How clear does it have to be...you got a hole in your head or sumpin.

    All things in moderation I suppose, and as far as big deals being signed over a drink and not a toke...I wish the world leaders would share a few tokes...might make things a little better.

  • Bryan
    alcohol has more bad effects by far


    Wow, I'm not an expert by far, but I have to respectfully disagree. It is a medical fact that one drink a day IS healthy for you. MJ may help dull pain for many people, but to say "alcohol has more bad effects by far" seems a little off to me. Both drugs, abused, will burn brain cells. To my knowledge, there is no study which says smoking a joint a day is good for your health.


  • Big Tex
    Big Tex

    I'm am aware of studies that show wine (particularly red wine) has health benefits, but I'm not sure about hard liquor. Here's a couple of sites:



    I too am unaware of any study that shows any health benefit from smoking marijuana (outside of course in treating side effects for glaucoma). Now from my un-medically trained point of view I would think that since marijuana is organic, that eating it in some fashion may have benefits, or at least is not harmful. I would think any type of smoking (marijuana, tobacco, cocaine, etc.) is harmful for the lungs.

    But then again, since marijuana does have a relaxant effect, it is possible that it could help lower stress and therefore things such as blood pressure.

  • Ghosthunter

    I listen to a radio show called the "Bob and Tom Show" in the mornings. Good show, BTW. Anyway, they have said on the show, on several occasions, that no one has ever overdosed from smoking marijuana. How true.

    I may sound like a bad mother, but I would much rather catch my kids smoking pot than drinking alcohol. Like it would matter, now, as they're both old enough to make a choice. How many car accidents do you hear about associated with smoking pot? Compared with alcohol-related accidents? Everyone here can do the math.

    Not that I don't drink, I do. But, I drink at home after I know I'm not going out anymore. I would enjoy a good doobie every now and then if my stupid company didn't drug test!

  • shotgun

    Bryan and Big Tex your not being fair

    To my knowledge, there is no study which says smoking a joint a day is good for your health.

    There have been several studies started on this subject but they never finished them, I not sure why exactly I guess they got distr....

    Is that a bag of chips over there

  • Big Tex
    Big Tex

    Chips? Dude I am so there

  • Bryan


    Pass it... we'll study it later.

    That is a bag of chips... right?

  • FMZ

    lmao @ the "Doobie Brothers" over here. Don't bogart the... erm... chips dude. :))


  • codeblue

    FMZ: Yes, the first time was "bad pot" (that sounds really funny)...

    I had to wait over a year before I would try it again......mind you, the first time I thought I was having a heart attack!!!

    So my 2nd attempt was with the "best pot" you can ever get........yes, BC pot!!!!!! So something is telling me I am allergic to it. I certainly don't want another episode like the last 2.........scared me too much!


  • prophecor

    If you consider the intent regarding the use of both, smoke a blunt and your intention is to get blasted, in fact the higher the better, that is usually the objective.

    With alcohol, however, you have to choose to get wasted, which when comparing the degree of intoxication, weed is probably the prefered high, no having to do the stick your head in the toilet thing, but its kinda' like cheating. Your allowed to get the greatest intensity of intoxication with the least ammount of visible short term damage to the body. Alcohol intoxication has to be metered out, often in large quantity to produce the same type of high sought when smokin' a spliff.

    Right there is one of the greatest differences, you have to choose to get as high with alcohol, where with weed, unless your smokin' some bad $#!+, that high is the only objective but if your smokin' some really, really good $#!+, its usually the only outcome.

    The only other problem regarding smokin' a spliff comes from the almost insane damage that comes from ingesting such a thing, smoke at such an intense degree of heat, 100's of btu's, who knows, holding that smoke as long as you can, having your bodies natural inclination to expel that kind of energy refused, while you vainly attempt to not cough your brains out, to me just doesn't have the same appeal any longer.

    Alcohol, however, is a much more reasonable response to an irrational solution, that being the need to take the edge off of the problems we face in this struggle here.

    Psalms 104:15

    Proverbs 31:6

    1st Timothy 5:23

    Though there are more scriptural pronouncements against drinking then there are that favor it, there are a select few that actually support it as above. There are, however no scriptural support for the blatant abuse that comes from improper and illicit use of drugs.

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