Why Is Alcohol "Good" and Marijuana "Bad"?

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  • DanTheMan

    I think that the halucinogenic component of a marijuana high can permanently alter one's perception of the greater world, perhaps not always in a positive way. While I cannot say for sure, I do feel that my ongoing issues with depression and paranoia can be partially attributed to my years of heavy pot smoking. If (psychologically speaking) you're not cut from mj-smoker cloth and you try to make as if you are, I think the long-term psychological effects can be very damaging.

    But, I know that not everybody is like me, just giving my $.02.

  • Sunnygal41
    digest dead neurons,

    I've got brain cells eating other brain cells???????????? EWWWWW!!!!!

  • Elsewhere

    Pot has a lot of great qualities that, in my oppinion, make it better than alcohol. For starters there is..... uhhhh.... wait.... what was I talking about?

    Each one has its own advantages and disadvantages. Alcohol can kill you, pot cannot. Pot can damage your lungs; alcohol can damage your liver. Pot is less expensive than alcohol when you consider how much it costs to get high and how much it costs to get drunk. Alcohol can help prevent heart problems, pot can help with depression and other mental disorders.

    Both can cause serious harm when not used responsibly. Regarding the lung damage caused by pot... a lot of that can be reduced by using a device called a Vaporizer that allows you to inhale the THC without actually burning the pot, resulting in no tar, no smoke, and no carcinogens.

  • patio34

    Please excuse if this is a repeated point.

    According to a theory I read, it's could be because

    1. pot can be grown in the back yard for free--no corporate profit in that.

    2. The alcohol and tobacco companies are hugely invested in people's addictions and they hardly want a habit they can't profit from to replace booze and cigarettes to a huge degree.

    3. The corporations contribute a lot to politicians who make the laws.


  • GermanXJW

    AFAIK, the reason for banning hemp was that it is a substitute for cotton - taking the effects of smoking as a token excuse for the ban. In many countries it is even not allowed to grow THC-free hemp.

    Go figure.

  • qwerty
    Probably because Marijuana can't be taxed as easily?

    Same throughout history! ........... Not just Marijuana then?

    Good Point GXJW


  • Soledad
    I like pepperoni! Can we have ice cream and cookies and dessert afterwards?

    not without buffalo wings we cant!!

  • FMZ

    Gee.. thanks Soledad.. Now I have a craving.

    Buffalo wings for dinner it is. *sigh*


  • stillajwexelder

    Red Wine is good and French kids drink it from the age of about 11 - it is illegal in the most free country in the world - the USA - mmmmmmm

  • prophecor

    Cannabutter, interesting.

    I looked it up and I guess I've been in the dark for a while.

    So much has changed since the 70's.

    And the vaporizer, it sounds interesting as well.

    Kinda' puts the "High Tech", in getting high.

    These new concepts are not enough to make me a convert,

    I am willing however to look through your window of perspective on the situation.

    Though your position is not necessarilly agreed upon,

    Your points are well taken.

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