They say they won't publish the Awake anymore???

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  • blondie

    I think someone misunderstood.

    I have seen the WT drop the printing from 4 times monthly to twice monthly of WT/Awake magazines of obscure languages and limited distribution.



  • Preston
    He told her today that he was being told the the WT Society was going to stop printing the Awake this month. And stop other publications soon. My sister asked why, he said it was becuase the end was soon

    And she was the last to know?!? She should look in her inbox more.

  • under74

    Thanks for the good points you guys. I'm far removed from it now and Jws in my family (and elsewhere) don't talk to, I'm not sure what's rumour or reality.

  • TheOldHippie

    If putting together a list of the most ridiculous rumours in Y2004, this one would definitely be among the Top3!

    Most stupid thing I heard so far in ....... eh.... November


  • SYN

    Wouldn't be surprising at all if they were cutting back on less profitable distribution avenues.

    But I do think that they'd have to be at death's door before they completely stopped publishing a magazine as well-known as the Awake.

  • hornetsnest

    I too think it's highly unlikely, and have absolutely no information about it one way or another.

    However, there is one scenario that would make it extremely interesting. As many of us are aware, there are two factions in headquarters that have been fighting one another tooth and nail. One of the heads of the more liberal faction is the editor of the Awake! magazine. Get rid of the Awake! and you would go a long ways towards neutralizing that faction, as you eliminate their "voice".

    Think about it.


  • Dansk

    Around two years ago I heard that the organisation was scrapping the Awake and almagamating it with The Watchtower into a brochure-type magazine. As this would undoubtedly save the org. time and money I felt it made sense - but nothing has transpired. Still, that's the way I could see things going. Getting people to read one magazine or brochure is hard enough without pushing two. I think the one magazine scenario will happen eventually, no doubt to a yet another chorus of "a loving, thoughtful act".

    Bottom line: Who cares? There are far more important things to read!


  • under74

    Whahhh? LoneWolf, this is interesting. I heard they broke off into three different factions. I could be very wrong. But you hear that they are fighting? I mean, I would be surprised if this was true but I was surprised that the WT was selling land off in Brooklyn....

  • under74

    Good point Dansk but I think in some ways I kinda care...mostly because I remember the Awake was easier to read as kid being forced to read that crap. It was kind of like Entertainment Weekly for JWs. I'm just thinking about the kids that'll be ex-witnesses someday Dansk. Don't want them to be too bored during their time "in." Just thinking about the kids...

  • freedom96

    If this is true, they need to dump the Watchtower magazine. What a sleeper.

    Even the Awake from time to time might have an interesting article, at least as interesting as they could make it, but it was always better than the Watchtower.

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