Studying the new "Keep on the Watch!" brochure - Contradictions on page 18?

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  • ozziepost

    or chairs!!

  • jgnat
  • jgnat

    Look at this magazine as a great opportunity to exercise your independent thinking ability. In review, this is what Blondie looks for:

    First, OT versus NT examples.

    Second, mentions of Jehovah versus Jesus.

    Third, WTS buzzwords, i.e., meaning only Jehovahs Witnesses but saying Christians, Jehovahs people, etc.

    Fourth, mentions of everlasting life (carrot)

    Fifth, mentions of WTS issues/doctrines that conceal info, i.e., presence of Jesus began in 1874 then changed to 1914

    Sixth, WTS statements that look good in print but are not practiced or have 180-degree statements elsewhere.

    Seventh, missing attributions of quoted material.

  • jgnat

    LOL. Plastic chairs.

    I thought the dramatic comment about forests being stripped for commercial ventures should have given them pause. I mean, where do they think the WT magazine COMES FROM?

  • jgnat

    Here's my list of study questions:

    Can you spot the manipulative language? (i.e. "should", or "Do you not agree..." or "No doubt you realize...."

    Are there any

    Do other translations give another slant to the meaning?

    What was left out between the three dots?

    Watch for words like "likely" and "evidently". It means that Brooklyn is speculating again.

    Is any evidence presented to substantiate claims about current world conditions, or is Brooklyn banking on public perception?

  • Quotes

    Plastic Chairs?

    That is just the tip of the iceberg!

    Who is going to run the cotton mills to produce all those beautiful pants, shirts, and dresses? Who will produce the dies used in same?

    Won't everyone be busy building their own homes and producing their own food? Who will have time for Industrial production of cloth, let alone plastic chairs? How will the power plants function without pollution? If Jahoobee will provide advanced scrubbers to remove pollution, then who will install that technology, the Window Washers or the Bank Cleaners? (I'd volunteer my personal engineering skills, but I don't think they expect I'll be there!)

    WTS's "New World" is pictured as a Carribean Vacation, but in fact if you think about the situation is would be closer to the Iron Age. Their graphics don't match the reality of the situation.

    As long as I'm on this rant: how will earthquakes stop?

    How Earth Works 101

    • Most of earth consists of flowing, melted rock, called magma.

    • The continents are just thin crusts of "solidified" (i.e. non-melted) rock, but they are floating around on that magma -- like a skin on top of a hearty soup. As they float around and scrape against each other, they cause earthquakes

    • The convective flow of the magma creates a magnetic field and causes the "North Pole" (because magma contains Iron, and the moving iron causes the field).

    • (here is where this gets interesting) The magnetic field protects the earth's atmoshphere from the Solar Winds. Without the magnetic field, the Solar Wind would slowly but surely evaporate our atmosphere off into space.

    • So.... Stopping earthquakes would mean the core of the earth cooled and solidified

    • ... but that would mean that there would be no manetic field, i.e. no North Pole

    • ... and that would mean the certain loss of our atmosphere

    • ... and that would mean the complete loss of all forms of life on the planet

    ~Quotes, of the "Earthquakes are your friend, or at least the lesser of two evils" class
  • Pistoff

    Wow.......this quote: Look beyond the single news items. Are they isolated events? Or are they part of a global pattern that has real significance? What if some free thinking dub applies this to the news about the sex abuse policy in the congregations? NEW LIGHT!!

  • jgnat

    Yeah, Quotes. I go off on a rant every time I see a straw.

    • Is it paper or plastic? Scratch plastic, that requires a petrochemical industry.
    • Paper straws are made of paper. Who makes the paper? Who bleaches the paper? Here comes the chemical industry again.
    • OK, a brown paper straw then. Who is going to roll a perfectly round straw?
    • Who has the time to make THAT when you are busy picking fruit and studying your magazine?

    Or ice cubes?

    • Where is the refrigeration unit?
    • Does it use freon?
    • Electricity?

    Anyways, this is a moot point because straws and ice cubes were carefully avoided in these paradise pictures. But there are those plastic chairs. And a glass made of glass. One needs a high temperature furnace to make glass. Where is the fuel coming from? The factories are gone.

  • jgnat

    Pistoff, it bothers me that JW's are gleaning "evidence" of the world's demise from the media, whose bread and butter demands that they feed us a steady stream of newsworthy items. We don't yet live in a world who swarm to their television sets to hear good news. That means we get bad news at ten. Invariably. Does that necessarily mean our world is going down the tubes? Here's an example of news headlines gleaned in this brochure:

    EARNING A LIVING: Per capita income for sub-Saharan Africa reported to be about $480 (U.S.) a year. Corporate greed leads to business collapse, leaving thousands without work. Fraud causes investors to lose life savings. Keep on the Watch, P. 4

    REALITY CHECK: Is the quality of life for the average person on this planet getting better or worse?

    UN Goal: Eradicate Extreme Poverty

    New estimates of poverty rates, based on a reexamination of household survey data back to 1981, show that global trends in poverty reduction have been dominated by the rapid growth of China and the East Asia region, where GDP per capita more than tripled while the proportion of people in extreme poverty fell from 56 percent to 16 percent. South Asia was the other region that experienced a long-term drop in poverty rates in the last 20 years, and while it was not as rapid as East Asia?s, the result was to reduce the number in extreme poverty by almost 50 million.

    REALITY CHECK: Are companies notably less ethical today?

    Adding corporate ethics to the bottom line

    , by Thomas Donaldson, New York Times, November 13, 2000.
    ?If the ethics programmes of 50 years ago resembled a rare bird, today they resemble a Brazilian aviary. They fall into three types:

    code and compliance;
    identity and values;
    social outreach...?

  • wiegel

    LM44 -

    The chairs in the picture are made from Theocratic Plastic. It is called THEO-LASTIC and will last for a 1000 years! --VM44


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