Am I being totally unreasonable here?

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  • Gretchen956

    And so, in the second grade we learn that it pays to be anal.

    I only got put ahead in Math, which is such a joke for anyone that knows me. Anyway the second year afterwards I totally lost all interest in it because of the humourless anal Geometry teacher I had that year. I begged to be transferred. To this day I have trouble with dimensional and spatial thinking.

    You tell Rhys that thinking and coloring outside the box are acceptable. Hopefully next year his teacher will have a personality.

    My son has a common name spelled uncommonly, he was always embarrased growing up, but now he tells me that "chicks like it" and thanks me. Ha, go figure.


  • wasasister

    Yes, Rachel, it is the same dentist. He decided to become the "dentist's dentist" and was quite successful in doing just that. Dentists fly in from all over the country to have him do their cosmetic work. I took some courses from him.

    The office is amazing; check out the web-site for a virtual tour.

    He does pronounce his name "Rize".

    PS: Adults who cannot spell their way out of a wet paper bag should not be so quick to comment on a child's spelling mistakes.

  • Country_Woman

    Hi Rachel, I pronounced his name as "Rize" too, never knew it was Welsh..

    With you, I hope his next teacher will have humor - that's so important, and I am afraid you will have to balance on a rope a bit longer.

    I remembered being "bored" during French lessons: the teacher was spreading little pieces of peppermint around - and I was just in front of him. I never properly learned French, in a way I connected the language with the teacher.

    During elemental school my figures for reading could'nt get lower: every time when I was named to read out loud, I never knew where the last reader ended: I was at the end of the book.

    I think my point is: He will only succeed when he is interested in the stuf they are offering him..

  • frenchbabyface

    Well kids can learn so much more and easier than we do, morever if the have a huge memory and a high scolar IQ ... but most over if they are interested in what they have to learn (it's a comon job in between the teacher and the student) I wouldn't worry that much ... I will remember what he can and wants anyway ... of course it's always better when the teacher is interesting in his way of teaching (but that's a gift - there's not a lot in this case).

  • Soledad
    Technically, it is an error to spell common nouns with a capital letter at the beginning.

    I agree 100% with this. That's what I learned in school.

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