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  • hillary_step

    Sorry Corvin, cannot think of anything nice to say about anybody on this Board.....hold on a moment....no, false alarm they are on another Board.

    I have met a few people who post on JWD, AlanF, Duncan, Steve & Joy, Belbab, Outlaw, all wonderful good-hearted people. There are a few that I would like to meet, Narkissos ( to exchange French Bethel notes as we have aquaintances in common ), Simon ( to tickle him under his chin and make him purr ) Englishman ( to show him what a drinker is really all about ), SevenOfNine ( as I think we share a common musical taste ), Billygoat ( because I now have not one, but two John Mayer autographs for her and have lost her address *again* ) Minimus ( because I reckon I could make him cry in sixty-eight seconds ), Farkel ( to see him playing his piano wearing Minimus blonde wig ). Sixty-seven....sixty-six...and of course SP ( and her forensically shaped violin ) Slippy ( to buy some condoms for Zambia ).

    That is about it. The rest of you can all bugger off.

    Best regards - HS

  • StinkyPantz

    I just love these popularity threads .. Same ol' people named (Mini, AlanF, Farkel, Blondie) <-- who are all great btw..

    Anyways, I'm gonna rep some of the cool chicas on the board:

    I have really taken a liking to seeitallclearlynow, turns out she's a very cool lady. Fun to chat with.

    Harleyquinn is a recent addition to the board; she has a wonderful personality. Fun and sexy!

    Stefanie and I are kindred souls.. I luvs her.

    Jez is not only smokin' hot, but lotsa fun!

    My adopted mommy bem has taken me under her wing. One of the kindest, sweetest people on this board.

    Sassy.. well, the name says it all.

    Xandria is very caring and knowledgable. Calls to check up on me, sends me cards. She's like the sis I never had.

    Although she has some peculiar obsession with Bob Saget, Nancy Drake is another fun lady.

    Beautiful, and always says what I'm thinking (which is a compliment in itself), jwbot is someone I could be great friend with.. if only she were closer.

    Although I could go all day with listing the numerous people that have touched me in some way, I'll leave off with Tatiana. She doesn't post enough, I miss her around here more.

    Kisses to you all!

  • JH

    I'm sorry, I can't say anthing nice about anyone here, because it would be a form of idolatry, like celebrating birthdays and mother's day, father's day and so on.....

  • vitty

    I like all the regular posters but I think CANDIDLYNUTS is funny and her avitar makes me smile everytime.

    Also MARY she sent me a pm and really cheered me up!! Shes a case.

  • Double Edge
    Double Edge
    I appreciate Simon for making this board possible.

    I'll second that. Sometimes politically we're far apart, but he's a good guy.

  • Princess
    Mulan--The mom I wish I had

    Me too. Wait...um nevermind.

    Princess--great sense of humor

    Why thank you. congrats on your 100th post and your new status as my most favorite poster on account of you're the only one who mentioned me on this particular popularity thread.

    And the rest of you can bugger off like HS said.

  • candidlynuts

    omg i made the nice thread! i 'm not invisible!

    i enjoy everyone here.. the serious ones who do the research a nd are nice enough to not only post the research but give commentary and understanding to us lesser brainy ones, and answer my sometimes stupid questions.

    the funny ones ( and you know who you are!) who put a smile on my face

    to the others.. who give me big wide openings to be a smart arse.. you rock!

    the sad and anguished..i love you dearly and wish with all my heart i was a wise soul who could say the right things to help or more importantly DO something to help.

    vit, melba,thanks pals! kls, steph,hillybilly,and the others in the insult fun thread.. .. keep rockin and rolling! if you can recognize the genious of me then your gonna rule the world someday lol

  • Corvin

    fires me up. I heard an audio of Danny's voice once, and then suddenly I got him. He is my alter-ego.

    Elsewhere makes me laugh out loud when he posts a witty response and I look over at the expression on Alfalfa's face.

    inspires me. I feel a kindred spirit with him for some reason . . . I sometimes have visions of us brandishing longswords and smiting the enemy.

    Xandria really turns me on with her brains, experience(s) and common sense . . . and no-nonsense.

    Valis helped me to overcome my fear of dreadlocks.


  • Xandria

    Gee shucks...*kicks dirt* warm fuzzys back at you and SP.

    There are so many on line that have touched me: Emotionally, Mentally, and Spiritually. I have had many who have made me chuckle and quite a few who have made me BLUSH and just a few who have at times, pissed me off.. but I love ya anyways.

    To list them all I would be here for three days straight.


  • Tatiana
    I'll leave off with Tatiana. She doesn't post enough, I miss her around here more.

    Thanks, stinky....I miss you too when you don't post. (Still want to know why "Damaged" is your theme song.)

    Certain people stand out in my mind. Even if I haven't been here in a while, and time has passed....I will recall things they posted, and the changing of a thought. The way someone made me go...."hmmmmm...I never thought of it quite that way." Or the way someone made me say..."YES!!! That's exactly how I feel."

    There was a poster called "Amicus." I say, was, because his last post was in June. This man was intelligent, caring, well-spoken, and passionate. I wish I knew where he went.

    Abaddon....long after I've read his words, they still fly around in my head.

    Essie/Esmerelda--compassionate, kind, empathetic...wherever she is.

    I miss naeblis and mr. moe

    xena....the beautiful, witty, intelligent, belly dancing if I were a man I'd be sooooo there goddess.

    doc...aka drwtson..what can I say? I follow you around. You just don't know it.

    frenchbabyface is just soooo gorgeous! Smart, too.

    So many more....but I'm tired. Worked till midnight, then went out for a margarita with some co-workers. Falling asleep at the keys....

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