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  • Corvin

    Say something kind about someone else on this board.

    Try to pick someone you don?t know as well as the others and focus on what it is about them that appeals to you.

  • under74

    Blondie is full of knowledge...her and Narkissos should be on biblical Jeopardy.

  • Midget-Sasquatch

    If a topic was started from Terry, then its usually one that makes me reflect deeply on myself and my experiences ... and reading the ensuing responses from others also brings up many insights.

  • frenchbabyface

    I'm always interesting in getting insitfull comments on any matter from anyone, of course there are those who are specialised in specific matters, and we almost could "all" agree on there names, but then, you also got those who don't poste that much or who are most joking and talking around and who are able anyway to put the point straighter and clearer sometimes, who are they ? ... Well most of you ... and that's interesting, it feels like it's only a matter of : "I'm interested in for good, I've thought about it for good or my way, .. and this is what I get out of it ..."

    That what's makes an INTERNATIONAL ECLECTIC board like this one .. so interesting ...
    you never really know from who you will get the answer ... (any way it comes out ... even as a joke).

  • Nosferatu

    Corvin, you're one hell of a great father, and an incredibly strong person.

  • hubert

    Corvin....For standing up against the borg for his kids.


    and a host of others too numerous to mention, for all the help and support they've shown me.

    (((((hugs to all)))))) ..... Hubert

  • minimus

    I appreciate Simon for making this board possible.

  • BrendaCloutier

    Thank you Everyone! For without each and every one of you (us) this board wouldn't be what it is. A respit from finding our own way in the "world". A grand source of ongoing and past WBTS info and what's happening in JW land for those of us who have been out a long time. And a place to just gather and reflect, have a good time, express our opinions, and get a little silly sometimes.

    Thank you Everyone!

    and Hugs


  • Sassy

    what a really cool thread idea!!

    hmm.. so many people one could say something about..

    I'll pick JT. I appreciate that he has taken the time (both he and his wife) after leaving the WTS to help people with their exits out... I know they are at a place in their lives where they are finally taking time out for themselves.. so long deserved.. so many of us get out and think, I'm out!! I am going to do what I want with my life for the first time and have much less emphasis on others.. But not JT and his lady.. they kept giving...

    so I thank them for that.. and the support they have given on this board

  • Mulan

    I like Nancy Drake. I've started to notice her posts a lot lately.

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