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  • Sassy
    Sassy..I have nothing in particular other then you touch my heart often

    ahhhh... thank you!

  • Mecurious?

    Heres a shout out to a few of my peeps:

    Teejay: Smart, sincere, resourceful

    Bigboi: Smart, honest, clever

    Leolaia: Helpful, nice, knowledgeable bible expert

    Cruzanheart: sincere, kindhearted and demure

    Bigtex: Down to earth

    Simon: Board owner(what else can I say)

    Sixofnine: The Man (joking)

    JT: Spokesman for the man (joking)

    Hemplover: Likes weed (joking?)

    Abaddon: Diverse and knowlegable

    Corvin: Reminds me of Speed racer

    Englishman: Knows how to weave an old yarn

    Valis: Crafty

    Aztec: Curiously absent

    Frenchbabyface: intresting

    Minimus: Gregarious, Gets most response's to his posts.

    Those are just a few that come to mind.


  • gypsywildone

    Where is Mac??? Where is my positive, happy blue guy who's future's so bright, he oughtta wear shades?

  • Insomniac

    Although I don't know him personally, I've always enjoyed reading pretty much anything posted by Abaddon. He seems both level-headed and open-minded, and has an elegantly straightforward way of expressing himself.

  • Frannie Banannie
    Frannie Banannie

    WOW! So many ppl, so much to say that's nice about 'em!

    Oh well....you KNOW who you are:

    Kudos and commendations (hereafter to be known as K&C) to all the "brainiacs" on JWD who offer such knowledgeable info to dispell the WT-BATS "troof"...

    K&C to all the lurkers on JWD....for being brave enough to "go where no jdub is supposed to go".....we know you're out there....we're here for yall, whenever yall're ready to come "out of the closet"...

    K&C to all those who're doin' the "fade" from WT-BATS, to prevent loss of family ties...how courageous and wonderfully thoughtful yall are...it isn't just a selfish act, but a kindness to them, as well....whether they ever realize and appreciate yall or not...

    K&C to all the warm, funny, caring and encouraging posters on JWD who are so supportive of those who're undergoing crises in their lives.

    Last, but not least, K&C to the JWD owner and mods....I don't know how yall do it.....I'd be pullin' my hair out....tho the board DOES seem to be calmin' down quite a bit from a year ago....

    Hugs and smoochies,

    Frannie B

    K&C to

  • MelbaToast

    hmm...first and foremost thanks to simon for the board

    nextup: Farkel, Blondie, Narkissos, RR, and many others whose biblical knowledge astounds me!

    For strength, I look to Scully, she is very wise, also Jgnat, and Gretchen956 have always been there for me when I need someone to talk to.

    Corvin has rocks the size of boulders (oh yeah, would like an update post on how the girls are doing)

    Valis, Gumby, Hillbilly, Sassy, Candidly Nuts, KLS: the "Wild" ones :p

    And a BIG thank you to Joker10 and Brownboy for reinforcing Everything I don't believe in! You two definately give me reasons to stay away from anyone that even somewhat resembles a dub.

    Melba of the "Don't forget Lady Lee and all her wonderful work" class

  • AlanF

    Onacruse sweats less than any other fat guy I know.


  • Undecided

    Farkel and Uncle Bruce, two of my favorites, not around much anymore. There are many more but too much trouble to mention so early in the morning.

    Ken P.

  • under74

    I forgot to say Hubert is one of the nicest guys on the board and one day his daughter is going to realize what a great father she's got.

  • Jankyn

    Mulan--The mom I wish I had

    Blondie--the source of much insight

    Princess--great sense of humor

    Englishman--dude, you're cool.

    Alan F--what don't you know about JWs?

    Minimus--love those questions

    Amazing 1914 & Metatron--too many thought-provoking posts to list

    Corvin and Poztate--the dads I wish I had

    Fleur/Esmeralda--welcoming and compassionate

    Gretchen--best Storm fan

    Simon & Angaharad--providers of this wonderful spot

    Mouthy--what a lady!

    Jankyn, grateful class

    Edited to add: Hey, it's my 100th post! Only took me three+ years to make junior member! At this rate, I might be a senior member before I qualify for social security.

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