What Made Things Finally "Click" With You To Know This Was Not The Truth?

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  • minimus

    Isn't it odd---that that "ephiphany" could be almost anything at any time? Once it "clicks", it's just a matter of time.

  • darkuncle29




    I noticed this when I was a teen, but still couldn't shake my head clear. Being aware of this concept though made me cautious. It also led me to try and actually be a better person.

    This did eventually lead to my breaking the Habitual lifestyle of the JW system. A few years later my best friend had a four hour conversation with me and I was free. Since then I have been continuing to remove BORG programming, and replace beliefs with more "organic" flexible comcepts.

  • Corvin

    I was poised to become apostate for a couple years now. All it took was documented proof of the WTBTS was lying or involved in gross wrongdoing such as the UN thing, or the child abuse coverup scandal. That was the sincher for me. Also it was the way the elders were handling my own children and the abuse they were sufferring from mom and stepdad.


  • minimus

    When it becomes personal....it "CLICKS".

  • Frannie Banannie
    Frannie Banannie
    the realization that this is a "cult" and there is no real normal sense of love and affection in the "truth".

    This is is, Min. And I discovered it's a cult when I got online with xdub sites.

  • azaria

    Hi M.J. Thanks for the quote and the link. I didn’t realize that women were also included as prophets. I sense that the role of women is very limited; basically show up, listen and obey. I thought that only the GB’s were considered prophets.

    Even though I was never a witness, one of the things that made me realize that this was not the truth was the fact that they stated that they were the truth, the only truth. Jesus is the truth (John 14:6), not any org or religion. Through this forum and books I have read I have come to realize how untrue this org truly is.

  • Gordy

    That at a time in my life I needed love and support (attempted suicide, depression), from "Jehovah's loving organisation". Their only thought was to punish me. Then get my wife to kick me out of the home, because I was a "spiritual danger" to the family.

    This led me to reading information about the organisation. Where I learnt I was not alone in the way I was treated. Read "Crisis of Conscience" discovered Freeminds and JWD.

    Eventually leading to me disassociating in 2001.

  • AlmostAtheist

    The flood story, Balaam striking up a casual conversation with his donkey, and the paradox-problem of praying for others made me decide that the Bible couldn't really be a "Holy Book", so JW's couldn't really have "the truth" since there was no truth to be had. I assumed (naively) that they still had the Bible right, but the Bible itself was wrong.

    Then I met you kind folks. ;-)

    Now I see that you can pretty much prove and disprove anything you like from the Bible. I've always been pretty gullible, and I guess when they disproved the other religion's doctrines, and proved their own, coupled with giving me reasons to believe the Bible, I bought it. It never occurred to me (stupidly) to see if any other religion could do the same thing. Terry has mentioned that he's ashamed of himself for allowing himself to be misled this way, for blindly buying things without proof that have such a high price. Once I saw JW's for what they really are, I was ashamed, and angry.

    And for the record, the made-up rules like birthdays, holidays, blood and fractions, and the 607 thing were killers for me. Oh, and the "we don't know what we're talking about so we're going to change our minds every year or two and call it 'New Light'" policy seems ludicrous now, though I bought it happily as a dub. I was never too impressed with the UN scandal, though it's interesting. I think if I'd been a dub and been told about the UN thing, I wouldn't have considered it a big deal.


  • kilroy2

    the big thing that turned my head, was in 95, the tower that came out and changed the meaning of generation.

    then said that they did not change it just refined it, then quietly changed the aid book and others to the new meaning.

    then acted like it was much ad about nutin, when in fact it was monumental,

    this change was moving one of the very few pillers that still existed from the early beliefs.

    I started to think that wow if they can change some major belief just because the time that they set for them selves is running out then there is not much that they will not say to keep power.

    they are just like the john edwards and the cold readers of the world, when you are asked to predice if chris revees will walk again and then they say yes,[a cold reader did this on the stern show] then when informed he was dead, they dont skip a beat and say oh yes he is in heaven walking now.

    so they say what is good for the moment, shit heads at best.

  • booker-t

    I think the thing that clicked with me about the JW's was the way JW's constantly deny the WTS history of failure or gloss over it. I never knew about Beth-Serem and when the elders came to my house for a apostasy trial and I mentioned Beth-Serem they just laughed it off as if it was nothing. By this time I was fed up with the JW's for their lies and half-truths. Also what clicked in my head was the Johannes Greber scandal. JW's tried to lie and say that they only discovered that Johannes Greber was involved with the occult and that they quit quoting him in their publications in 1980 when they discovered his involvement with the occult and spiritism but again this was another lie because in 1955 and 1956 they devoted a whole Watchtower series on Johannes Greber and his occultism so they lied in their 1983 watchtower question from readers part. And the constant "new light" fiasco just did not cut it with me anymore. I began to wonder how many more things will they change in the future. And sure enough in 1995 the generation of 1914 "new light" came out in the Watchtower. But this was 4 years after I had DA'd myself in 1991 but I knew something had to change in this doctrine because all of the old-timers were dying off. And finally I resented the fact that all of the GB members as well as all of the major JW leaders were all Caucasian and none were black, hispanic or native american or women. I realized that racism existed as well as sexism existed in the lily white WTS.

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