What Made Things Finally "Click" With You To Know This Was Not The Truth?

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  • toreador
    And finally I resented the fact that all of the GB members as well as all of the major JW leaders were all Caucasian and none were black, hispanic or native american or women.

    There was/is I believe a black GB member. Herd may have been his name, I cant remember for sure.

  • gumby

    I accidently walked in on Greenless and Chity and just knew this couldn't be the truth.


  • SAHS
    There was/is I believe a black GB member.

    I think his name was probably Brother Token Blackguy. Although, I think he was a fictitious character who the GB, like their doctrines, made up.


  • freedom96

    It started with me thinking to myself, that some of the good, no great, people that I had met in my life, would not be destroyed at Armageddon.

    Then I realized all the false prophecies, and that sealed it for me.

  • Evesapple
    When I dared to venture outside of the JW's for friendship, I met two non-JW Christians who were absolutely kind and unconditionally loving. They were spiritually content and beautiful people. It finally clicked that JW's couldn't POSSIBLY be the only ones to be "saved" and it just snowballed from there.

    I agree with Nancy, this did it for me...after years of being restricted from having friends outside of the faith. Growing up, I had to befriend these witness girls or were nothing but backstabbers, but hey they were witnesses. Now I see why they don't allow association outside of the faith, because it opens up your mind. I have better friends now than ever before, from all walks of faith...it made me question how could such great people be destined to death at Armageddon?

  • Nosferatu
    Nosferatu: Do some members still believe in this doctrine even though it has been changed?

    I wouldn't doubt it. I completely missed it, even though I was still attending meetings in 1995 (I got out of as many as I could). I would sit and daydream during the meetings and barely paid attention. I only found out about 3 years ago they changed it. I was so pissed off. Even after I left, I thought they had the truth, until I found out about this. I felt like I had been taught the color orange was really blue all my life. I was lied to all my life.

  • Preston

    Knowing that a bunch of kids died for kosher type dietary law (the blood issue) taken to radical extremes. It doesn't make sense that a just God would approve parents beign coereced to end their children's lives like that.

  • ellderwho

    "beth-sarim" as I researched I found out this was a MAJOR false prophcey. OT players coming back to to 20th century, oooooooookay.

  • ChakkaConned

    I began having physical symptoms of some sort of meltdown. I started having panic attacks, couldn't complete my presentation at the doors, stopped giving talks because of feeling unsafe and unloved among those people. The dissonance made me start to look within and ask myself WHY was I feeling this way? WHY, when I was doing all that I possibly could to serve God and live a deeply spiritual life? I started having open, honest conversations with my children about how they really felt about our religion. They weren't happy, I wasn't happy...there was no joy.

    Then I got online and went apostate within minutes.


  • czarofmischief

    When in the middle of the Watchtower I decided to never believe ANYTHING or do ANYTHING because of fear - which made most of the "do it or you'll die at Armageddon" arguments seem even more offensive. And when I saw how MUCH of their authority was based on the "don't be like Korah or you'll burn alive" line of reasoning... well... let's just say I took the scripture about not getting frightened by a false prophet to heart.

    Their threats are as empty as their promises.


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