Boyfriend gone to GTA :(

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  • Nancy Drake
    Nancy Drake

    What is with you boys and your video games? My boyfriend was first in line last night to get his Grand Theft Auto-San Andreas that he prepayed for in May and has been talking about for months.

    I won't talk to him for like a month.

    Anyone know the average age when guys are supposed to grow out of this?

    Stupid boys. Hello vibrator.

  • Gretchen956

    HA!!!! lololol haven't you heard? The difference between men and boys is the price of their toys!


  • Jim_TX

    "Anyone know the average age when guys are supposed to grow out of this?"

    We're supposed to 'grow' out of this?

    Jim TX (who got a cool Monster Truck with his Kid's Meal last night at Wendy's)

  • Billygoat


    I'm sorry...I understand. I have many girl friends who are GTA and Everquest widows. Thankfully, my Mozz understands the concept of "balance". He also understands if I get ignored too much I'll entertain myself. Which he hates being left out of.

    Hang in there. Walking around the house nekkid is always a good attention-getter.


  • jaredg

    i already told my gf that when grand tourismo 4 comes out that she won't see me for a while...hehehe

  • Uzzah

    Nancy said:

    "Stupid boys. Hello vibrator."

    What someone needs to do is to figure out how to connect his PlayStation controller to your vibrator ...

    Oh babbyyyyyyy X X X triangle triangle square ...yeah yeah L2 L2 L1 O O O O O O O O O O O O O O OOOOOOOOO



  • Descender

    Hmmm, if you want to find the rare guy that doesn't like video games you might need to look for the older crowd that never got hooked on video games when they were younger. Not that old, probably 40+ though. As far as the 20's to early 30 year olds, those guys are going to be playing video games for the rest of their lives. The video game industry got a lot of us hooked at an early age with Atari and Nintendo games and things progressed from there. New and improved video games with better graphics, new features, more realistic settings, and hours of play time are always coming out and it's not going to stop, so go for older guys. Or.....

    If you're willing to be with a guy that enjoys playing video games or has other hobbies that take up his time (that might seem useless) but has priorities and won't let his playtime get out of hand, there are plenty of us out there. But for all the guys that play too many video games, there are equal amounts of guys that watch too much sports, gamble, go out with their friends too much, spend too much time at work, or anything else that's easy to do too much of.

    You could always compromise and become interested in his video games and play some of them with him as long as he's willing to compromise and do things that interest you. You might find out video games are kind of fun. And he might find out it's fun to do things that you like as well. His friends will think you're the coolest girlfriend ever if you're interested in video games, and your girlfriends will be wondering where they can find a guy like you have that's willing to do fun things that they enjoy.

  • drwtsn32

    Well I'm a stupid guy who plays video games (maybe 5 hrs/week), but I make up for it by never watching sports on TV!

  • xjw_b12

    I thought it meant going to Greater Toronto Area !! LOL

    Stupid Boyfriend, Hello New Boyfriend.... BOB

  • candidlynuts

    dunno about stooopid ole boys but HALO 2 comes out november 9!!!!!!!!!WHOO HOOOOO

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