Boyfriend gone to GTA :(

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  • drwtsn32
    Craig, shut the f**k up.

    Um, onacruse hasn't posted anything in this thread. Or is that just to cover any future post? LOL

  • AlanF

    : Or is that just to cover any future post?

    Yeah, the old fart forces me to such low levels at times.


  • eljefe

    If you want a lesson in futility you can try giving him a relationship talk while he's playing.

    On the other hand, my GF and I play Madden 2005 together. Its pretty fun and she's getting good. I guess the lesson is: if you can't get 'em, join 'em.

  • seeitallclearlynow
    Unfortunately I'm a rather married, middle-aged man

    Well, Alan, I don't want to start anything here, but you look like anything but the above!

    You look more like an adorable college student to me. A very charming one too.

  • gumby
    Andi, thanks. Do you suppose there are any support group websites for these type of widows? I looked, but couldn't find any!

    That frickin Alan beat me to it the son of a .....

    I have just started a support group for all you ladies with wimpy men who like to play kid games. I start the sessions with a glass of wine and an hour long full body massage to relax you, then a quick game of adult "twister". Then we play leap frog

    Alan can come along too if he wants.


  • BrendaCloutier


    My spousal unit is heavily involved in modeling.... airplanes especially from wwII. He buys kits almost monthly. He has a work bench set up with his tools, paints, parts, airbrush, etc. He began in Jr. Hi.

    Then, he has this awesome library dedicated to wwII. When he gets ready to build a model, he doesn't build it by the box. He researches the plane, decides which model of which plane to build, which exact plane and it's markings, and who flew the plane! He's become quite the wwII historian. Me, I can now recognize a P38, a P52, a Corsair, B29, Messerschmitz, spitfire, and a few others.

    The reason why he is so facinated with WWII is because it started out in 1939 with bi-planes and ended with the first jets. The biggest advancement in aviation history.

    Ok. I'm not involved. I highly respect his hobby because of it's involved nature, and his developed knowledge. Some of it has even rubbed off on me! I can name at least 3 major battles in each WWII theater! scary.

    The nice thing about it is, since he has this hobby, which includes collecting, he fully understands and respects my hobbies when I'm involved.

    Good luck


    PS We're heavily into the World Series, and I watched the last two rounds of ALCS. When this is over, it's football. Basketball no longer holds much interest for me, their shorts are too long! But there's hocky. I enjoy the playoffs and finals most. I don't get too hooked through the regular season. Go Sox!

  • eljefe

    As a funny follow-up to my previous post, GTA:SA has a CO-OP mode. I haven't played it, but it seem you can play as the main character and the other player as his girlfriend. Just think of the bonding experience seeing your virtual lives of beating people virtually and beating people up in reality coming together!

  • googlemagoogle

    if the controller is the only problem: gta-sa pc-version is supposed to be released by january 2005. simply use your mouse and keyboard...

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