Name Things That "Prove" JWs Have The "Truth".

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  • heathen

    How do we know the WTBTS have the truth ?

    Because they know about the slave class .

    God apparently told noah to build a publishing corporation .

  • booker-t

    I remember when I was a devout JW one of the things that convinced me that we had the "truth" was that I was taught that JW's were not false prophets because they admitted their mistakes. I swallowed this for years until I read Deut 18: 20-21 and read the definition of a false prophet. It never says if the prophet admits his mistake he is no longer a false prophet. After that I became clear on what a false prophet really is. Also the JW's used to harp on the fact that they "Disfellowshipped" sinners while the churches let anything go as long as they paid their tithes. I have visited some churches and I think the JW's are right about this one. The churches do everything under the sun and the members are still prominent in the church. My niece was having an affair with one of the married deacons in the Church of God in Christ church and they never removed the deacon from his position and he is still with his wife. But their view on false prophets need an overhaul.

  • heathen

    booker-t ---- I think the WTBTS is totally screwed up when it comes to disfellowshiping . I agree tho that anyone that leads an immoral life by cheating on his wife deserves to be removed from any sort of church responsibilities . I have known some dubs that did the same thing but the elder that cheated on his wife devorced her and married the "sister" he was fooling around with .He still remained elder . There was no protest from the congregation or from the WTBTS . The cult of JW thinks they can find any reason to defame a member and remove them from association with other members but in that case nothing was done . Adultry is a serious sin . They are a bunch of hypocrites .

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