Name Things That "Prove" JWs Have The "Truth".

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  • minimus

    Actually, most people that leave the organization seem to feel better and some even stop having to take medication. Further evidence the "truth" will not be easy.

  • minimus

    Danny, I think there's a couple of people still "in the cult", here.

  • Nosferatu

    They tell me that we are the happiest people on earth. So I am happy. Emotions can be flipped on command. All you need to do is tell me I'm happy, and I am. They also tell me that I have the truth, therefore I do. I have the truth and I'm happy. We understand. We understand. We understand.

  • iiz2cool

    "God chose the foolish things of the world..."


  • minimus

    We're OBVIOUSLY "living in the time of the end".

  • Chloe

    Because they are the fastest growing religion. Oh wait - that's the Mormons.

  • blondie

    I thought it was Islam...

  • BluesBrother

    "Everything we preach can be proven from the Bible"

  • Nosferatu
    "Everything we preach can be proven from the Bible"

    That statement is amusing for so many reasons! It's like me saying "Everything I preach can be proven if you watch the Star Wars trilogy."

  • target

    About 20 years ago I was in a woman's home and the subject of religion came up. She brought out a stack of books that were to help "prove from the Bible" that her religion was the true one. I think she was Presbyterian.

    Recently a guy I know who was 7th Day Adventist but inactive for years, started in with scriptures to prove that it is the right religion.

    Before we got sucked into the cult, I was Lutheran and my husband was Catholic. I remember thinking about that and realizing that we could not both be right, but we could both be wrong. 30 years later we realized that as JW cultists, we were still wrong.

    We did think it was "The Truth" simply because it could be proved from the Bible. Now I see that you can prove from the Bible that Mickey Mouse is God if you use the right scriptures and use them out of context and "explain" their meaning to back up your claim. The Bible is just a comic book without pictures.

    Right On Target

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