Name Things That "Prove" JWs Have The "Truth".

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  • minimus

    Target, please prove what you say about MickeyMouse, scripturally.

  • shotgun

    Minimus this is too easy.

    1) They won't eat Pizza that has pepperoni on it (This is mainly due to the Mosaic prohibition on Pizza)

    2) They won't eat a weiner that has blood in it and they also won't squeeze the blood out of their own weiner...(Once again due to the prohibition on blood and also touching your weiner)

    3) They are United in true worship..except for when they're wrong then they're United in false worship but it's not really false because it was truth at the time although it was not really truth it was a misunderstanding although they do not rely on their own understanding they rely on God's but he did not give them the wrong understanding they had the right understanding as they knew it which was infact wrong but right...what was I talking about.

  • Will Power
    Will Power

    There must be more than 1 god then cause by using the bible it looks like Ray Charles is god

    God is Love, Love is blind, Ray Charles is blind, Ray charles is god!

    now that is the truth

    God rest Ray - anyone seen the movie? - it looks good

  • SAHS

    They?re an NGO member of the United Nations organization, which, according to the Bible, is the very tool that God will use to destroy all ?false? religion?that is, all religion that is non-JW, and thereby doesn?t follow God?s direction to be completely separate from the world . . . . . . . . OOPS!


  • scholar

    Our wonderful and accurate chronology leading to 1914 and based upon a solid and calcuable date 607 BCE. The FDS has shown itself to be led by Holy Spirit by using a methodology that truly elevates God's Word in contrast to other chronologies that are enslaved to higher criticism.


    BA MA Studies in Religion

  • minimus


  • Earnest
    Earnest are sooooo really want to believe scholar is serious, don't you.

  • target

    Scholar: "by using a methodology that elevates God's Word", shouldn't that be "mythology"?

    Minimus: Don't you remember the scriptures where Jesus said " The Mouse and I are one"? And "He who has seen the me has seen the Mouse"? " And "The Mouse is greater than I am"?

    See if you hold the Bible at a bit of an angle and squint one eye and read every other word, it says exactly what I want it to, err. I mean what my religion says it does. And if you disagree, the Mouse will strike you down! and you will burn in Hell!

    Right On Target

  • Scully

    We all know that "truth" can withstand all sorts of scrutiny. "Truth" has nothing to hide. "Truth" will prevail against all kinds of critical review.

    (yeah, right... we're talking about the WTS... )

    Love, Scully

  • heathen

    As said by Rutherford ------------- Religion is a snare and a racket . Can't argue with that one .

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