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by koolkeithfl 42 Replies latest jw friends

  • RunningMan

    Your marraige is the business of yourself and your wife.

    It is not the business of your relatives, or a triumvirate of carpet layers and janitors. Do what's best for the two of you.

  • frenchbabyface

    (to make it short) : Leave (with your wife) if possible ... At least she understands (not sure about them !!! they like troubles too much ... and you know it ...)

    Take care and have fun (with your wife) if possible, instead of dealing with this sordid religion !

    Best wishes !

  • Bubbamar

    I wonder if you are sort of hoping they will DF you so the decision will be made for you?? I'm wondering that because that's kind of what happened to me. I was so tired of everyone on my back to pioneer - so instead of speaking my truth - I did a lot of stuff to get DF.

    It sounds like you've been given a lot of really sound advice on this thread.

    Good luck to you! and your wife too!

  • Doubtfully Yours
    Doubtfully Yours

    Serves you right for cheating on your wife. I mean it!


  • Doubtfully Yours
    Doubtfully Yours

    And another thing..., I wouldn't have forgiven you.


  • koolkeithfl

    yes i deserve it. and im glad you wouldn't have forgiven me.

  • Satanus


    Garfield cats can be tough, at least until they have had their fifth coffee. I can't really add to what has already been said.


  • Nosferatu

    You're very lucky that your wife has given you a second chance. Don't let the elders or the members of the congregation screw it up for the both of you.

  • kls

    I hate to kick you when your down but DY is right. I can't imagine the hurt i would feel and the betrayal. Please forgive me but you seem more worried about the JW then what you did and i have having a problem with that. Why did you feel the need to do what you did?

  • koolkeithfl

    i know that i would have been hurt too. I did it because i saw no other way to end my marriage. you guys are gonna make me feel bad about this one too i can feel it. i told my wife because i thought she would leave. I was married at 20 years old and this was the only women i had ever dated. I was told by my mother in law that no "brother" would want my wife after she had had sex with me. everyone was saying get married and i crumbled under the pressure. i was also afraid that no one would want me either. now i want out of my marriage and the jw religion. this is no excuse for what i did. it was the only solution i saw. cheat and get a divorce. and i don't need people judging me for wanting to end my marriage.

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