Kingdom Hall for sale - the pictures

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  • observador

    You may want to have a look at these pictures. They're of that Hall that is being talked about here:

    When I saw this, I couldn't help but remember of that doctrine that would go like 'the waters of Babylon, the Great, will dry out and she will see her end', remember? We live in momentous time indeed...

    The Hall seems well maintained and quite BIG. Would that be the case of a congregation that became too big for the hall? I don't think so.

    Here you go:

  • Xandria

    Would make a trophy apostate office or headquarters..


  • Stefanie

    Or a good pub

  • teejay

    A church'll buy it.

    Is the congo building a new one or is the congo disbanding?

  • hillbilly

    I would guess that the real estate is just too valuable to stay... or the building needs some work or renovations and the equity is set to offset the new building...

    Hell- maybe the whole Hall went 'apostate and they just don't need it?

    Looks like it would make a fine lil strip club or redneck bar...what's the zoning?

    Hill ( I can dream class)

  • evergreen

    Looking at that picture speaks a thousand words. Its not exactly falling down is it .I would probably go as far as to say its quite a fancy looking building for a kingdom hall .But hey maybe the inside looks a mess .

    Our old hall was sold about 4 years ago as it was very old looking .Built in the 60 s.

    They went on and on about refurbishing it untill they finally decided to sell it and have a quick build . Also to save costs they now share with another congregation (much to the annoyance of all the elderly ones).

    But ive heard on the grape vine recently that both congregations are thinking of amalgamating as our congregation has dwindled in size over the last 3 years.

    Times they are a changin !!!!!

  • VM44

    Area Code is 401, which is in RI. The area in the picture around the Hall looks very green, like it might be out in the countryside. Which hall in RI is it? and....who in the world is JOHN H. PENDLEBURY JR.? :) -VM44

  • observador
    or the building needs some work or renovations

    It doesn't seem to be the case. The building looks good from the outside and is well located. It is really intriguing!

    Is the congo building a new one or is the congo disbanding?

    Good question. I wish I knew.


  • RunningMan

    I wouldn't get too excited about congregations disbanding. It could be that they are selling off a hall or two, and will be building an assembly hall complex. There could be any number of legitimate reasons other than falling attendance.

  • Mutz

    They'll build one of their characterless windowless cells on a crappy plot
    and give the money left over from the sale of the old hall and land to the
    society, so the boys in Brooklyn can carry on living in comfort.
    All for Jehovahs glory of course.

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