Kingdom Hall for sale - the pictures

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  • DevonMcBride

    I did a search on the first phone number and here is what I found

    John H Pendlebury 401-724-0188
    33 Terrace Ave
    Pawtucket, RI 028604638


  • 4JWY

    How do you reach, THE OWNER to make an offer?

    I specifically remember a talk that was given about "Jehovah is the owner of our Kingdom Hall"....

    This may be a true SIGN of how to REACH him at his direct number!

  • joenobody

    Too cheap to pay a real estate agent, are they?

  • observador

    Joenobody, this is what I thought too. It's all about saving some money. Save, save, save and send to the Society...

  • Nancy Drake
    Nancy Drake

    They sold our old Kingdom Hall to a guy who turned it into a Karate place. It was pretty funny.

  • blondie

    John H Pendlebury Jr is listed as a real estate agent at this site.

  • hubert

    Nice picrures, Obervador...

    I've been in this one, for a wedding, a few years ago.

    It smelled musty, but other than that, was well maintained. I heard the reason it's being sold is because of the musty smell, and high ceilings, poor electric, and high maintenance cost.

    What I wasn't told, is it is prime real estate, on a highway, and a strip mall is being built right next to it, and real estate in this area has jumped up 3-fold in the last ten years. So, I figure they can sell it for a huge profit, and they probably have some "donated" land to build a new one on, with their "free labor'.

    That's my guess.

  • Stephanus

    It'd probably make a good restaurant - large, strangely designed building with lots of parking. It may need a few windows knocked in, though!

    What would be a good name for a restaurant in an ex-Dub Hall?

    My :

    1. The Apostate's Inn

    Any more suggestions?

  • Poztate
    I specifically remember a talk that was given about "Jehovah is the owner of our Kingdom Hall"....

    Dammm...that was my first thought also...I hate it ..too many THINKING people in this group.

  • Ghosthunter

    There is a park near where I work that my husband and eat lunch at during the summer. On the way, there was a KH. Just recently, we went by and the KH was not a KH anymore, but rather some kind of a Methodist Church. I thought it was interesting that they allowed another church to buy it out.

    Wonder what happened to all those happy Dubs from the Caledonia, Michigan Kingdom Hall?



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