Mum passed away two weeks ago

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  • Kaethra

    It's difficult to lose a parent, I know. But, it seems like there's a bit of relief in your post and that is absolutely nothing to be ashamed of. My grandmother passed away last year after lengthy 'old-agedness' in which she could not do anything for herself. It was very hard to look after her and even harder to watch her pitiful quality of life...death was peace for her and relief for the family. Sorry to anyone who thinks that is harsh, but it's the truth. I was not sorry when she died; I was sorry when she was too far gone to be able to enjoy any part of living anymore.

    ((Hugs to you acsot)). You are a gem and I was so glad to have met you in Ottawa.


  • mouthy

    Kaethra>>> Your comment did not hurt me. I am in "oldage" & waking up every day in pain.Is no fun. So for all those who miss their parents-who were suffering, It is sad that YOU hurt over their loss-but I truly believe it is for Their benifit...TO GO!!!..To have no pain no suffering!!!Which is my belief when one has "passed" on....So rest in the thought -that even though it is YOUR LOSS it is THEIR Gain....

  • Dansk


    ((((((HUGS)))))) a million! I'm so sorry to learn of the passing of your beloved mother. I'm glad you appear strong, as your mother would have liked you to have been. Inside you'll probably be mushy, as that's how I was when my own dear mum died. Coming across even the smallest trinket of hers set me off. I feel you could well be the same. That's fine!

    As you can see, you're much loved here and we genuinely feel for you!



  • acsot

    Kaethra, you're a dear! And no, I don't think you're being harsh, in fact, it's a kindness to want to relieve someone of their suffering.

    ((Mouthy)) - I wish I could alleviate your pain!

    ((Ian)) - you're absolutely right, something that belonged to mum will set me off in a heartbeat. It'll get better, I know, and all of you here on the board help tremendously. BTW, Ian, I'm going to be joining an introduction to Buddhism meditation class beginning in November. Your experiences in Buddhism, the peace you feel, your compassion towards others and your courage in dealing with your sickness have inspired me to go forward in this pursuit. I was often very curious about Buddhism, even as a dub, but your example has given me the impetus to actually do something about it. Hugs to you and Claire.

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