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  • metatron

    I admire what you've done, in particular because your example shatters the myth

    of Watchtower invincibility. In your local area, the wall has been breached -


    More and more small victories against the Watchtower are piling up. While they extol

    their 'organization', this internet generated ad hoc-racy is hurting them badly. We are draining

    them, week after week, as this spiritual insurgency goes on with no end in sight.

    They are increasingly subjected to public shame and cowering behind their lawyers

    for protection. After decades of enduring their detacted arrogance, it's wonderful to watch.


  • wednesday

    Corvin, Someone else mentioned it, but i'll repeat. Is Nancy safe at school? Are there other JWS kids there? the attack is on. and don't discount JWS using other young ones to try and lay a guilt trip on her.

  • Balsam


    My 16 year old son almost 17 is no longer an active witness. He is in school with a number of other JW kids around 5 or 6 of them. He openly called Jehovah's Witnesses a cult when the occasion arises; say for instance, in English class where they were talking about the Puritans. He told the entire class that JW's were just like the puritans. Now some of his classes have the JW's in them. They still feel that the religion is telling the truth, and he as remained friendly with them. With them he stays off the subject of the WTS. If they're in his class and he openly says they are a cult, the kids keep quite and say nothing.

    What Dirk has found is that generally the kids hate going to meetings. They hate the pressure to go door to door. And though they don't come out and say it is a cult like Dirk does, they don't defend it either. I think your daughter will do fine in school, she has been empowered by you. She has been empowered by seeing it is a cult. And there will be no turning back to the WTS for these kids. They are free. My son has such gumption and is so brassy I am suprised by his comments around others. Nothing shy about him. Like your girls picketing in from of the KH.

    Just remember that the JW you are dealing with are brain dead, and all of us were at one time. We're free now of the mind control, but we were once those zombie faced JW once upon a time.


  • Nosferatu

    You handled the situation well, Corvin.

    Halloween was the one holiday I wanted so badly to participate in as a child. I think I will dress up too.

    Corvin, by all means dress up with your kids! Halloween is by far my most favorite holiday! I love dressing up! I hope you enjoy it, just like I've enjoyed Halloween ever since I left. It's one holiday where you get to be a kid again, and are actually able to experience the fun.

  • Gretchen956

    Corvin, so good to hear that things are working out so well for you and your daughters. Halloween is my favorite holiday, I dress up every year to hand out candy. Have fun and live it to the fullest!

    As for school I think each congregation/town/situation is different. When I left the other kids shunned my son even though he himself had taken no action against the religion. That set it in stone for him, he hates the cult worse than I do. There is a chance they could coerce your kids at school, but it is rare that kids will go that route. If they did, its all covered under the judge's order, no different than any other incident.

    Good luck!


  • Jim_TX

    Corvin - it looks like you have it under control... but like someone else has suggested, get your lawyer to help you write up a letter.

    In that letter use all sorts of good legal words that let them know that you _will_ sue them if they continue to violate the court orders.

    After you have the letter written - send it to the local congregation that that gal came from - AND send a copy to the headquarters in New York (make sure that you indicate a carbon was sent to N.Y. on the one that you send locally.)

    Since each congregation is 'on their own' when it comes to fighting court battles... they will avoid you like the plague - AND will be directed to do so from New York.

    Great progress Corvin - keep it up.


    Jim TX

  • Dansk


    I applaud your dedication to your children and the wonderfully protective arm you envelop around them. Having lost my two girls to the cult I am delighted that your own girls will now be able to grow up and do the things I so wish my own girls could have enjoyed. Alas, it can't be, but I can at least go forward and can thoroughly enjoy knowing your babies are safe and living the life I so wish I had given to mine. At least my two boys are at home with their mum and I.

    We are all looking forward to Christmas again (yes, I know, it's only September! ) and putting the tree up. There's a little matter of my birthday to come first. Making the most of the time we have together is paramount to the way we live. My house is a happy home now and I intend to keep it that way.

    Thinking of you.



  • lawrence


    Maybe dress up like Russell, fake beard, long coat, grubby tie, and hand out tracts (you write on fake yellowed paper) declaring the world to end in 1914.

  • shotgun

    Corvin, just don't dress up in a suit and carry a briefcase, I liked Farkels idea for the yard.

    The real sad thing about the JW lady that dropped by, she truly thinks she's doing what's best for Nancy and that her eternal welfare rests on her accepting and associating with God's visible organization...maybe one day she'll see the truth and understand it never was.

    Maybe next time tell her that Nancy discovered that the WTBTS removed the F in the word truth.

    Hopefully she'll fall into line and say "There is no F'in truth"


  • Special K
    Special K

    Carol may have been sincere in her dubism in calling on Nancy.

    To me, if I had studied with a young girl, who had tried committing suicide. I would have thought it very rude not to make an attempt to at least talk to her. Nancy sounds like a very lovable kid from all you have told us.

    You are right though, in the fact, that Carol would have eventually told her something like

    "Just know that I care and love you and that Jehovah does too."......(bringing in the J.W. aspect)


    It would also seem reasonable that if this was her intent she would call when she thought Nancy was home from school.

    Elders are pretty crafty and secretive about things. Is is possible Carol may not have know of the judges complete order?

    Then again she may have known about what happened with your family. .. She didn't seem shocked when you told her and her responses were basically the only thing a loyal dub could say. I'm sorry you feel that way. l"m sorry, I'm sorry..and she left it at that.


    Curious, Corvin (was your vehicle parked in the yard when she came to the door)?

    Would she have been thinking that you were not home? If that was the case.. then I might very well think that she was trying to access Nancy at home and alone.

    It was nice to see that the conversation you had with Carol did not escalate and she didn't say anything diggish or inflamatory... that was good.


    Another way she could have shown her concern for Nancy was to send her a nice card, since she seemed to know some of the situation. Did Nancy get a nice card from Carol or anything like that?


    Special K

    ps. since you informed her of the Judges order, I suspect that Carol will not be back. Did you tell Nancy that Carol had called, Corvin?.. (no pressure, you don't have to answer any of my questions).. It can just be food for thought, okay.


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