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    i'm dressing up this year...whooohoooo

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    This evening, the girls and me talked about what they want to dress up as for halloween this year. It will be their first time and they are so excited. LOL, and this was THEIR idea. Halloween was the one holiday I wanted so badly to participate in as a child. I think I will dress up too.

    That is awesome! Corvin, as a child, I wanted so badly to celebrate halloween...it was the only one that really affected me so strongly. I just wanted to dress up. The last couple of years when I actually have been able to celebrate...they were a bust. Well after a bit of crying (I guess I did not realize, and neither did Mike, how emotionally effected about it I was) we are saving a couple hundred dollars, dressing up, driving to Springfield Mass and going to a special "blackout" rave. We are going all out. We are getting a hotel too so no driving when we get hangovers (or whatever after effect from whatever). All out! It is very important to me.

    I do regret that I have missed out on going trick or treating. I am too old for it :(

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    I have not talked to Nancy about the JW's that do attend her school, and the PO's daughter, and Mark's daughter do attend with her, but we did discuss what concerned me at the time most, and that was how she would deal and respond to other students' questions about her suicide attempt. Some of her friends and teachers from school did show some pretty awesome concern for her and made contact with her while she was hospitalized to express their support, love and friendship. If she should encounter JW crap at school, I do think that Nancy, based on how she let her mother have a bit of truth in our last group counseling session, will be able to deal with it. She is getting pretty brassy and assertive about things lately herself. I am very proud of her.

    To me, if I had studied with a young girl, who had tried committing suicide. I would have thought it very rude not to make an attempt to at least talk to her. Nancy sounds like a very lovable kid from all you have told us.

    I have considered that, too, specialK. It does seem reasonable. Nancy was becoming irritated with Carol in their last few studies as I recall. Nancy thought it very bothersome that Carol would often and repeatedly stress to Nancy the "importance of staying inside the organization" and not much else. For some reason that seemed to tug on one of Nancy's shin hairs.

    There is no way in hell that Carol did not know of the suicide attempt, my picketing (apostasy) and for her to even knock on my door was pretty ballzy, and in light of the fact that Carol has shown little concern for Nancy up until now, even while she was in the hospital, tells me that yes, the elders and many of the JW's are crafty enough to seek access to Nancy in order to "readjust her thinking".

    I like the idea of having the attorney compose an official letter to the congregations and to Brooklyn.

    Did you tell Nancy that Carol had called, Corvin?..

    Yes, K, I did. Nancy arrived home from school not five minutes after Carol had left. When Carol left, I glanced at the clock and noticed Nancy should be home any time and I became very incensed in the knowledge that the timing must have been planned. The thought also occured to me that Nancy might encounter Carol outside at that very moment. I was on the phone leaving a message with her attorney when all these thoughts came to me, and I was heading out the door to intercept Nancy should Carol still be around. I was stepping outside when Nancy came bounding up the walk. I could see on her face she had not seen Carol, but I had to ask anyway.

    When I told her Carol had just stopped by, her response was, in my mind, the most comforting one for me. She became a bit agitated and asked, "Why? What was she doing here? That is so stupid." She asked me what Carol said. I told her, and she rolled her eyes and again stated how stupid she thought Carol was.

    Regarding Halloween, it came up last night because Elese and Mary had been talking about us celebrating Thanksgiving this year. Mary and I have been together for 8 years now and she has been very patient and supportive of my previous views on holidays and we therefore NEVER once celebrated the holidays here in the Corvin home. She would go over to her mom and dads house for the holidays for the family thing, tho, and that was fine with me. Anyway, we got all the kids together and talked about what we wanted to do, and I stressed that any one of the kids had the power of veto should they not feel comfortable on any level about celebrating Thanksgiving. We all voted for it, including Nancy.

    Nancy then brought up what she was going to be doing for Halloween. The other two girls chimed in and plans and costume ideas began flying back and forth. I was astonished. I looked over at Mary and laughed saying, "Crap, and I was worried about their feelings about celebrating a pagan holiday like Thanksgiving . . . ".


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    She is getting pretty brassy and assertive about things lately herself. I am very proud of her.

    This is exactly what I was hoping would happen!

    This means that she has a new found confidence and is willing to exert her will. Because of this she will be FAR more resistant to emotional and spiritual abuse... and any other kind of abuse for that matter!

    Looks like she is on the fast track... it look me several years outside the bOrg to do the same thing.

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