Lawnmowers... what is your oppinion???

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  • little1

    I bought an old fashioned rotary push mower at a yard sale. Usually my son mows, but sometimes I have to do it myself and I can't start the stupid gas mower. I have just a little grass, mostly trees and landscaping. It's a good workout-cheaper than the gym! I've never understood why lawn tractors have headlights. Who mows the grass in the dark?

  • Elsewhere
    Who mows the grass in the dark?

    The same people who vacuum in the dark. (I always wondered about the headlights on vacuum cleaners)

  • hillbilly

    Not so much mowing in the dark... but Camp Hillbilly is several clicks north,,, and plowing snow in the dark early mornings or early eveings is easier with my yard tractors little headlamps...I use my little tractor to tow a chore trailer during the dark hours too... those lights get a little use on my unit.


  • truthseeker1

    Do they sell flymos in the states? I remember having one in belgium. The thing that sucked is the grass needed to be raked up. But it was a cool novelty.

    If its a tiny lawn, why not get one of those push blade mowers? zero pollution, zero cords

  • SadElder

    We found the best lawnmower there is....

    ...... he comes every Monday with his crew.

  • CoonDawg

    I'll stick to my self propelled Honda. They're a little pricier, but they do the best job. They are rear wheel drive, with a rear bagger. A large chute that doesn't clog. It will mulch or bag. My neighbor has a golf course like lawn, so in emmulating him, I bought the identical mower. I don't regret it at all. The mower costs around $450, but they run forever. Also, Honda is the name to buy in power equipment.

    JMO, of course.


  • CoonDawg

    Someone mentioned no in between. I too take the "Tim Allen" approach to tools. The best is NEVER a wrong choice. I don't have a huge yard and was trimming it with a Craftsman gas powered trimmer. It was their low end model. I bought it as part of a package deal from my father in law. It was a 1 yr. old 17 HP, 42" riding lawn mower (with the hydrostatic drive), a craftsman self propelled lawn mower, a craftsman low end trimmer, and a honda power edger (for edging along concrete sidewalks, etc.) I used the push mower for 1 season, then bought my new Honda...lots more machine. Then I sold the old one to a neighbor who I was trying to encourage to take a more active role in keeping the neighborhood up to a higher standard. Then I sold the string trimmer to another neighbor for the same reason. I went and bought a top of the line Husqvarna trimmer that's pretty much commercial grade. Hey, with power equipment and power tools, you get what you pay for. Only top of the line for me, even if it means waiting a little to save the extra money it takes.


  • morty

    I would have to say gas but, you could save yourself some time and having to store such a big unit by just hiring a local kid to cut it for say 10 or 15 bucks a sweat or mess for you to clean up and it gives some youngster some money in his pocket.......This is how my boys make a living in the summer....

    just my 2 pennies...

  • blondie

    Honda HRX217HXA Self-Propelled Mower
    (*est. $700)

    >> Where to buy

    Self-propelled. Reviews say this Honda mower, with its hydrostatic-drive engine, is the cream-of-the-crop, with more convenience features than other mowers. It bags, mulches and has side-discharge capability. There is also a blade-brake clutch, which lets you stop the blade without cutting the motor so you can empty the bag without having to restart the engine. Another useful feature is the Honda?s variable speed and single-lever cutting-height adjustment. Although it?s more expensive than any other model in our chart, the Honda is the best self-propelled mower. The Toro below, however, performs nearly as well in tests for much less money. ? Toro Personal Pace Self-Propelled Mower 20031
    (*est. $420)

    >> Where to buy Self-propelled. The Toro Personal Pace is a lightweight, ergonomically designed mower with a variable speed that matches your walking pace, along with an electric starter and quick release handle for easy bag removal. There?s no blade-brake clutch, however, and the Toro has a more cumbersome cutting-height adjustment. Although the Honda (above) outpaces the Toro in recent testing, the Toro comes close for $100 less, and is a favorite of testers at Popular Mechanics. A similar model, the 20019 (*est. $350), has nearly the same features but no electric start. ? Craftsman 37894 Self-Propelled Mower
    (est. $280)

    >> Where to buy Self-propelled. The Craftsman 37894 single-speed mower is a good value if you want a self-propelled mower, but don?t need extra features. There?s no blade-brake clutch, it has only one speed (the Honda and Toro have variable speed), and the deck-height adjustment uses levers at each wheel (as opposed to a single height-adjustment lever in the Honda). If you won?t miss those features, reviewers say the Craftsman does the basics well.
  • Englishman

    Our lawn is relatively small. It's also shaped roughly like an artist's pallette, so there is no question of us having a neatly striped lawn, there being not one straight edge anywhere. Consequently, I find a Flymo electric hover mower to be ideal. I just move slowly forward swinging it from side to side which you can't do with a roller type mower.


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