Lawnmowers... what is your oppinion???

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  • Mulan
    the first time you start them in the spring can take a bit of work.

    I heard years ago that you need to remove the spark plug after you mow for the last time in the Fall. In the Spring, you you put it back or get a new one, and it should start right up. Works for us.

  • Steve Egner
    Steve Egner

    Hey Elsewhere,

    I say, either get a mower that will fire the envy of every neighbor who sees it, or contract a professional yard service. There is no satisfaction anywhere in between. Are you having a sprinkler system put in? Get one.

    No charge for this sage advice. Don't disappoint me.


  • confusedjw

    Come on. Get the electric if you like but push the damn thing!

    (Of course I don't mow the lawn because I have a son, but he wanted a self propelled and I got one for him at a yard sale. Then he said it was too slow so I bought him a Honda push mower. I just love to see him running with the mower!)

  • seeitallclearlynow

    I used a push mower a few times and it was unbelievably hard work for me! But then there were uneven clumps, etc, in the back yard.

    I really liked my electric mower though. It's true the cord is a bit of a hassle, especially if the connection is loose like mine was, so it keeps coming unplugged; but mowing around the tree was not a problem and I used shears and a weed whacker, also electric, around the block fences and the bushes. I had no problem with the grass catcher. I just did not want to ever have to deal with gas and oil and a pull cord.

    Have fun! I really enjoyed doing yard work.

  • TonyT

    LMAO Irongland.

    You must have written some publications in a former life.

  • Jim_TX

    Ummm... I seem to remember trying to ask this very same question a while back.

    I got no useful input - only some heckler who thought highly of his own rambling nonsense.

    But I digress.

    Anyway... not ALL electrics have to have a cord dangling out the back, ya know.

    There are also the electrics with built-in batteries - that then get recharged. No cord - except when on the charger.

    I know of 2 models...

    Neutron (

    Black & Decker CMM1000

    I was leaning towards the Neutron when I happened into an outlet mall Black & Decker refurbished store... and spotted the CMM1000.

    I did some looking on the internet for reviews... they go 50-50 for likes vs. dislikes.

    I bought it - it was about $200 refurbished. (I think.)

    My lawn is not too large... (Hey! I live in a mobile home park, okay?) and I can crank through the lawn cutting in about 30 to 45 minutes of work.

    The mower has enough 'juice' for 45 minutes to an hour - depending on how much I have let the grass grow.

    It takes a good over-nighter to recharge the battery after it goes flat.

    The noise from the mower is acceptable... my cat isn't even afraid of it - and I have to yell at him to get him to move outta my way sometimes.

    I'm not sure about any technical specs... if you do a google on the model - you should be able to learn more.

    Feel free to quiz me if you want any more 'hands on' details on how it works.

    It's basically an on-off switch - and Varoooooom - and away you go.


    Jim TX

    P.S. I like it.

    P.P.S. In some cities - you may qualify for a rebate from the city - if you purchase an electric mower - and can show them a 'proof of purchase'. Here it is about $40 - 80 dollars.

  • Big Tex
    Big Tex


    Electric is a beating. Eventually the cord gets wound around something or becomes unplugged.

    Self-propelled is worth the money. Just remember you'll be mowing on a hot Texas afternoon.

    You've seen how big my yard is. I pay someone to mow and edge it for $22 a week. To me it's worth it because it takes me 2 1/2 hours to mow and edge the whole thing. Also, I hate doing it.

  • Elsewhere

    Hey Big Tex! I saw you on TV this morning at the state fair! I noticed that you still have that speech impediment... that... you... to ... talk... ve...ry... slow...

    Yeah, I grew up on self-propelled and I am scared to death of what it will be like to PUSH a mower through the grass.. Fortunately the yard will be "installed" in November, so I doubt I will have to worry much about cutting it until spring. Until then I will just get a weed-whacker to trim the sidewalk and driveway.

    I also have been living in apartments for almost ten years, so I have been spoiled with not having to do any yard work.

    I did some adding and it looks like my yard will have about 3400 Sq/Ft of grass to cut. They have not finished the grade from the house to the road but I suspect it will be quite steep.

  • franklin J
    franklin J

    I have a very large lawn.

    I let someone else mow it because it would take me too much time to cut the grass.

    Although I enjoy working in the garden; cutting the grass just takes too much time. Much easier to hire a lawn service to do it.

  • Elsewhere
    Much easier to hire a lawn service to do it.

    I know... but I'm trying to pinch pennies.

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