How much harm have you caused your congregation?

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  • seattleniceguy

    Come now, Joker. That was your response to my post? I gave you a thoughtful answer. Please honor me with a thoughtful reply.


  • Joker10

    SMG. I can honestly say I haven't hurt anybody. Really. I cannot think who i could possibly have hurted. I've never been mean to anybody in the congregation, or out of it.

  • jwbot

    No offence Joker, but I do not believe you...

  • Undaunted Danny
    Undaunted Danny

    Apostate is defined in a standard (non cult loaded language lingo) dictionary as:'A devout believer turned destroyer'.

    I was a big benefactor to everyone when i was in, i was like King Midas with the golden touch i spread cash and cheer everywhere.

    They got wicked jealous.

    When i departed i got wicked even..

  • seattleniceguy


    I appreciate the fact that you responded. I was hoping you would respond to the meat of my post, not just the introduction. I know that my post was probably not what you were expecting, but you asked a question, and gave you an honest answer. There were people both inside and outside the organization that I hurt because I was a JW. I would like you please to give me your thoughts regarding the main content of my post.


  • FlyingHighNow
    There were people both inside and outside the organization that I hurt because I was a JW.

    To live life is to hurt someone, somewhere, sometime.

    SNG, you really are a nice guy.

  • onacruse


    I haven't caused any harm to anybody,

    That is pure bullshit. No human I've ever known on this planet, including the most self-righteous JW, has ever denied (privately, of course, for how else could they maintain their stature?) that somewhere, somehow, someway, they haven't hurt somebody. Challenge me on that, if you dare.

    not like some of you had the heart to.

    More judgmental bullshit, and baseless ad hominem...the sign of a truly magnificent intellect.

    I agree with Valis...your self-righteous evasivism, hit-and-run tactics, and less-than-worthless responses are wearing atomically thin.


  • NewSense

    Please allow me to shout the following: DO NOT FEED THE TROLLS! I repeat: DO NOT FEED THE TROLLS! They certainly will neither reciprocate nor even appreciate your efforts. In addition, "feeding" them will only make them stronger, giving them power over you.

  • onacruse

    NewSense, I agree.

    Solution: Get rid of the troll.

  • Country Girl
    Country Girl

    Something that really hit home with me today:

    WHO was it that paid for the funerals for the Meza family? WHO was it that went down there and held a memorial for them, held candles for them, and otherwise let a tragedy that most likely wouldn't have gotten much more than a blurb in the national news NOT go unnoticed? Not the Witnesses. They were suspiciously absent: both in the family's lives, and in their remembrance. It was the worldly people. That alone says it all for me. $15000 was raised for the funerals (I think by the Pentecostal church?) and several worldly businesses were utilized to have a decent burial for those folks. The Witnesses (there were actually a few that had the decency and human love and compassion to show up at great price to themselves and their families) were conspicuously *not* there. They couldn't get over their unnatural shunning practices or fear to show up and support a remembrance of members of their own brotherhood. How shameful, unloving, and un-Christ-like. Surely, Jehovah is looking down here and thinking "These are *my* people?" And his heart is breaking.

    I hurt members of my family when I wouldn't accept their 'truth' hook, line, and stinker. But that's only two, compared to the many people I *could* hurt by being one (a JW) and converting many. Thank heaven I have become what I've always wanted to be: a cranky ole lady and there's no chance in heck (which is somewhere down there by hell) that I'd want to go door to door and take out my crankiness on the world. I think that is *very* loving.

    Country Girl

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