They just announced the 2nd USA hostage has been executed

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  • Brummie

    Yeah I can really see how discussing the current big news hostage situation is the same old defeatist rhetoric

  • gypsywildone

    No Brummie, but on this board it just seems to turn into insults, pushing & seems counter productive.

  • avishai
    @ avishai

    what has the US done in the conflicts you mentioned? jack shit as well! (except for bosina were the whole world waited to finally do something)

    what did the US do about hussein fighting against the kurds? the US SUPPORTED hussein at that time!
    besides...what would the US do if the native americans would start to fight again for their land? i doubt the US would handle this much more civilized than hussein did with the kurdish seperatists.

    and finally...would it not have been better to continue the weapons inspections and to go back to normal terms with hussein?

    Nice Ad hmoinem argument. My statement, in the main did NOT justify the US, it dissed the UN, which you did'nt even acknowledge. If anything, it was critical of the US, but mainly about the UN, and yet you once again chose to twist someones arguments for your usual unsubstantiated attacks on the US. Address what I said about the UN The US is irrelevant to what I said about the UN, they've been ineffective on genocide for a very long time.

  • Realist


    first, i did not attack you personally in any way.

    second, this was your statement regarding the situation in iraq:

    They've killed tens of thousands and what's the UN doing? Jack shit. Just like with Rwanda. Just like with Bosnia. Just like Iraq when Saddam was massacring kurds. And yet everyone wants us to wait on the UN. Hell even FRANCE is massing troops, but won't do anything w/ out the UN's say so. At least the US still has it's balls. I'm not agreeing with the US in Iraq, but Jesus Christ, waiting on the UN is like waiting for the WTS to admit it's mistakes. Ain't gonna happen.
    are you telling me that you don't argue that the US had to do something because the UN is unwilling to prevent genocide etc. and you don't imply that the US foreign politics had a humanitarian goal?

    the US invaded iraq on a false pretense. the US with the exception of bosnia has never faught in a war for humanitarian reasons. when there was civil war in iraq (kurds etc.) the US supported hussein. the UN had weapons inspections going on in iraq which obviously worked quite well. all this is FACT.

    to say the US is acting out of concern for the people of other countries is infantile at best.

    so if you don't want me to attack your statements then don't praise US foreign politics (directly or indirectly) - especially after what happened in iraq.

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