A special message for everyone who was young in1969....

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  • neverin

    I was born in May 1969 to an elder Dad and an unbelieving Mom - the wierd thing is that my Dad was younger then (32) than I am now (35) and really believed that he would not get old. He is now 67 years old, arthritic with one kidney, looking after my Mom who herself has many health problems. How ironic that out of his 3 kids (I've 2 older brothers, both elders) it is me - the "worldly" offspring and my husband and kids who see my parents most regularly. One brother sees them every week - only ever at my parents house (never asks them back to their own home) to be fed and watered and to borrow their car, the other only sees them once or twice a month when he's not being "a very busy person". Yet I make time to take my family to see them every week, have them over for Xmas dinner, spoil them on special occasions (+ extra treats), take them to the theatre etc.

    I don't want to sound sancitmonious (sp?) but I hope that I always do my best by everyone, so how sad that my Dad and brothers believe themselves to be more worthy of saving than me and mine.

    Oh well in another 35 yrs my parents will be gone and my brothers will still be deluding themselves that "the end is nigh"

  • Bubbamar

    Elsewhere - I was born in '67. That's a great article!! Damn fools!!

    I'm so glad I won't get old - my birthday's coming up and I've been thinking a bit about the gray hairs, bursitis and wrinkles that are cropping up. Glad to know I will definitely NOT get old!

  • Narkissos

    Great quote. I probably never read that one as I became a JW in 1972 (13 y.o.), but we were fed of this kind of stuff.

    Yet there was some truth in it: "as a young person you will never fulfill any career that this system offers (that is, if you believe what we are saying)."

  • BrendaCloutier
    I was born JW 1957 so i was 13 in 1969 i remember the article and the:"will U B alive in ' 75 hysteria".My dad was an elder and an "ass-whole"

    They had insituted the 6 month max. study's for new recruits.The 'Truth' book with the 1914 generation profitcy was selling like hotcakes.

    Start of puberty with all it's fallout in 6 months i was to be stricken with brutal unrelenting ulcerative colitis for the next 28 years.

    Never never ever imagined in my worst nightmare i would see 2004 in 'this old system'.

    For all you new recruits i stand as a witness of the watchtower's lies.

    Danny, my dear, you're just a little younger than I am - born 11/56. AND I remember this very well. Thanx Elsewhere for the reminder.

    I was far more successful than I was supposed to be - being raised to be a housewife and all. I have an interesting and well paying career in the computer industry - even as a H.S. pull-out!



  • HappyDad
    ::If you are a young person, you also need to face the fact that you will never grow old in this present system of things

    Then what on earth happend to my hair. What used to be thick and dark brown is now bald and gray. Guess it was all that stress of never doing enough. hehehe Damn Damn

    Also........what happened to my physique? Use to be slim to muscular..........now Fat Man 4

    Yep......their fault that I ate too much because of the stress of not doing enough.

    I can laugh at myself and my response but sometimes wonder how much of it is true!


  • candidlynuts

    yeah wheres my house and fig tree dangit.

    i was 4 in 69

    i miss 69........i havent had sex in 3 yrs............(oh wait thats another topic altogether)

  • onintwo

    Yep, I bought into all this stuff. So did my parents. Articles like this one and even a few years before it, are the reason I didn't attend Ohio State. Wanted to go, took all the college prep classes, but a steady drumbeat of no, no, no from the WTS and my parents dissuaded me. What a shame!


  • Sunnygal41
    Well, I think that it is very clear from that article, that...

    We are now living in the 'New System of Things'.

    [email protected]!!! By the way, great picture Jim!!!


  • hillbilly

    Thanks - you had to remind me................. I got my ticket punched in '71 or '72 and got a steady dose of this drivel.... "I coulda been a contender"...... Glad I sucked as a JW, grew some backbone and grit and did what needed to be done or I'd be one of those guys in the Window Washers Guild today.


  • teejay

    Don't know which is worse: them sayin' it or me believing it to my heart of hearts.

    Man! If I could go back to 1969.

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