are we having a christmas card exchange this year

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  • bem

    Jim, That is so funny! I am getting the same response here to, and odd expressions from folks, That I would get so excited about Cards. People think it "doesn't take much to entertain you/me does it" they are right but it's hard for them to understand.


  • Country_Woman


    I've send all my Christmascards out this evening .

    So far, I received cards from:

    Lazyslob - thank you - wish you a merry christmas as wel,

    Lady Lee - Morton68 - Fairy - Dorothy -

    Mulan, what a nice picture !!

    I wonder how long it will take before they arrive.

    The fun did started.

  • morty

    I am glad to hear that you guys got my cards all right....I sent 16 of them out...

    all around the world...

    I have not gotten any yet though....waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

    Tomorrow is a new day though. I will make my way down to the post office and see if there is any in the box yet.....

  • Country_Woman

    Morty, I am afraid you have to wait a bit longer for mine: send it 5 days ago but "air traffic seem to be very crowded at the moment" patience my dear, no tears necessary.

    It ain't Christmas yet.

  • Jim_TX

    Well... I got one Saturday from Insomniac. Funny card, Insomniac. Thanks!

    I have only one more card to get in the mail... today. Other than that, all the others were sent last week - and should arrive at their destinations real soon - well... those in the States. Canada, Australia and The Netherlands may be a different story.

    (I hate this editor... it keeps moving my cursor around - and putting it in the Subject line - then thinks I want to post my message... grrrrr)

    I think the fastest card got delivered to Harleyquinn last week, in San Diego - 2 days.

    Thanks to all who are participating. I find that this gives me something to look forward to - and offsets some of the blues that tend to overcome me at this time of year. *wide grin*


    Jim TX

  • morty

    "air traffic seems to be very growed at the moment"

    Ok Country Women......Thanks for clearing that up for me...I had no idea.....

    I thought it was all about me there for a minute......

    I am that impatient little girl on x-mas morning that cant sleep the night before santa comes, then wakes everyone up at 5.00am in the morning to open gifts....

  • Thunder Rider
    Thunder Rider

    Please send me your address and SheilaM and I would love to send Christmas cards, we have a lot of addresses from last year

    Thank you Mouthy for your card

  • Mac

    (((((Morty)))))..... it has arrived (Though, I broke off one of the spangly danglies in my haste to open it..grrr!). One thing ya needs to know about me; I do my X-mas shopping on the 24th for one reason only........damned stores aren't open on the 25th!!!!! ;P If a Christmas card arrives from me before New Years it's cuz the postman has discovered the secret of time travel!. mac

  • Valis

    mac forgot to mention the Battle Creek Sanitarium doesn't get mail every day. It isn't good for the crazy people's bowels you know.....


    District Overbeer

  • Country_Woman

    received new cards today:

    Insomniac - Rayzorblade - unbeliever - Jim_Tx (and Kato)

    that's make 10 from the forum + 1 from a friend here.

    Time do decide on which wall or door I am to glue them this month.

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