Do you remember when you first Googled "Jehovah's Witnesses"?

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  • glitter

    It never OCCURRED to me to search for info on JWs online - I assumed no-one could possibly *truly* have anything negative to say, and I didn't particularly want to find JWs to chat to.

    I got here via Skeptic's Annotated Bible to AJWRB, after seeing Panorama.

  • ezekiel3


    I hid them inside the interior side panels of my van

    Not even Jehovah could have found them there!

    My first Google "JW" experience was a heartrending breakdown, I found out in a moment that my God, religion, friends, and parents had all lied to me.

    Edited to add: Oh, Oh! look at me, now a Senior Member of the greatest apostate board on the web. I've come a long way baby!

  • Junction-Guy

    I actually bought my webtv and went online christmas eve 1997, Im not sure if google was around then, But yahoo was and I still use it. I was actually sort of anti-internet up until that time and was very suspicious of it. A friend of mine at work then showed me her webtv and told me of all the possibilities for researching things, and Ive been hooked every since. I actually bought my webtv just so I could search out JW topics. I always knew something was amiss about the WT society and believe you me, when I first went online the very first thing I did was go to yahoo and type in a search for Jehovah's Witnesses and I was astounded by all of the available websites and topics. So many of my suspicions over the years had finally been confirmed, From then on it was no turning back, I had finally discovered the truth about the "truth"


  • garybuss

    I had my light bulb moment in a public library in 1992 before I had internet. It was there I noticed Jehovah's Witnesses listed in every book about cults that I looked it. It was there I found out Ray Franz had been disfellowshipped and wrote a book. I promptly ordered it from a Christian book store. I stormed through it.

    The Witness people started shunning me in a way that I noticed in the fall of 1992. I thought back and happened to notice it had been a year or so since my Witness parents had called me. In 1994 I asked my father if the reason he did not contact me for so long was because I quit the Witnesses and he said yes. I wrote my parents a letter and told them the burden of initiation of contact would be up to them from now on.

    My first contact with ex Witnesses on the internet was in 1995 on the Jesus Witness e mail list. That bunch helped me sort out the tangled mess I had for a brain.

    The Witnesses had every element of my life tied back to them. Eating was religious. Reading was religious. Sex was religious. Work was religious. Politics was religious. Secular book publishing and sales was religious. Leisure was religious. Education was religious. Medical treatment was religious. Friendships were religious. Respect was religious. Transportation was religious. Every single element in life was tied to them. It took a bit of work to untangle it all.

    Now I take the Internet for granted but is has been a great way to find the people who are a huge help to me. Thanks everybody. GaryB

  • Flash
    I felt an enormous sensation that I was willfully disobeying God.

    It's truely a crying shame what the Governing Body has done to God's people! They have abused their authority, manipulated the Congregation with Fear and Guilt, used 'Tricky Speach' to entrap and oppress them AND equated obediance to them with obediance to God thus elevating themselves to GOD'S LEVEL!!!

    They are Proud men and are no better than the Scribes and Pharisees of ancient Israel!!!!!!

  • pamkw

    I also started out with webtv, I couldn't afford a computer back then. My mom had just dumped a load of guilt on me, about how her grandsons were going to die. So that was why she just could not be close to them. And it hurt that she thought I was a bad mom, because of her stupid beliefs. I had webtv for a year before I started looking, but the guilt drove me to it. I didn't type in jehovah's witnesses, I typed in ex-jehovah's witnesses. then I found out about the generation change in 95 and not one had told me. This was 98. I was so angry,but I felt so free. Once I realized that they didn't have a clue, and they were just making up shit, I felt like a huge weight lifted off me. I was so happy, I am a good mom, and I was not killing my kids. One of the first sites I found was freeminds and the old H2O. Later I came here, and have been off and on ever since. I am so much happier than I was back then, and I love the internet.


  • confusedjw

    Yes, it lead me to this site and I registered and made my first post and a fellow by the name of Funchback gave me a wee bit of a hard time.

    Check back to my first post and you'll see.

  • confusedjw

    Also this is why I like the e-watchman as my wife did a google search and found his site and because he wasn't just a "bitter apostate" she was able to read him without bruising her conscience and got her free mind juices flowing.

  • flower

    <----------yup! december 25th 2001! merry xmas to me!

  • segz

    This is my first post and i am 'google-ing' jehovahs Witnesses. My hands ARE shaking and my heart is pumping fast. I do feel like i'm doing something really wrong all though i KNOW i'm not. Went into the chat room yesterday but couldn't even bring myself to say anything!!!!!!! I'm having a hard time 'leaving'. But i know it'll get easier with time. Finding sites like this helps you realize your doing the right thing and others have been through it, have come out of it and are doing fine!!!!!


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