No KHalls for Hurricane relief

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  • heathen

    In all fairness I would like to say that the government itself needs to take care of citizens in case of national emergency . So why are there no places to go when these things happen ? I live in texas and we have tornados but there isn't one tornado shelter in the whole city . The jw are tax payers as well but if all they have in time of need is a Kingdomhall there is something wrong with this picture .IMO . People have plenty of time in case of hurricane to make arrangements and seek higher ground but tornados there is no time but to put your head between your legs and pray the house doesn't fall on you . If the WTBTS is worried about insurance fraud there is something wrong with that as well in these situations . I mean what's to stop people from showing up on any meeting night and doing the same ? They always have people running around watching your every move every second in the place . You can't even go to the toilette without an enterage .It wouldn't surprise me if they don't have some sort of network tv set up in the place just so new york can tune in during meetings . I mean jeeeeze we already know these people are paranoid delusional , we just don't know how far they go with this .

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