No KHalls for Hurricane relief

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  • SadElder

    Eldubs in Florida (maybe elsewhere too) have been told that the Kingdom Halls should not be used for relief efforts or for shelters. Liability and insurance issues were stated as the reason.

    Will try and get a copy of this letter.

    Of course the Kingdom Halls are supposed to be the center of true worship and a place of comfort but I guess only in fair weather. What a crock.

  • Satanus

    It is an interesting letter. What if this is the leadup to armageddon? Is not the new world order supposed spread outward from the kingdom halls/bethels?


  • Purza
    Liability and insurance issues were stated as the reason.

    Gotta love how the lawyers have more power than god.


  • DaCheech

    In Maywood, NJ (Hackensack congregation) after Floyd '99 (KH flooded) it took 1 to 2 years to get it going and it seems

    that the society DID NOT send their own help. YES the locals had to fix themselves.

  • teejay

    The locals pay the mortgage, do the repairs and remodeling, but the Society owns the deed. Nice scam!

  • heathen

    Good ole WTBTS always there when ya need em . GAG ..... They probly didn't even make sure that the members had a safe place to stay out of state with other members . It seems it always comes down to the $ .

  • DaCheech

    or peso or euro

  • DaCheech

    "The woman said her husband, an elder in a Jehovah's Witnesses congregation, stayed behind to care for fellow members and took shelter in their Kingdom Hall, a steel-reinforced building that flooded but remained intact".

  • metatron

    That letter might be pure gold if you can get it and send copies to all the news media in the affected area.


  • Jim_TX

    I remember in the mid to late 60s - a hurricane hit the Gulf Coast - and all but obliterated Corpus Christi.

    The local KH opened their doors to refugee JWs from Corpus - but they had to place their sleeping bags and whatnot in the aisles and other open areas, as the KH had theatre-style seating that were bolted to the floor.

    When it came time to remodel - the powers-that-be decided to pitch these - in favor of folding Samsonite seats with armrests. (Uncomfortable though they were)

    The 'logic' was - so they could fold them all up and use the KH for a shelter if need be. (This was also the time that... when they got the loan - they were proud of the low interest rates that they got - in a 'balloon note' with the payoff being in 1975. I still remember the snickering over that one... and then later, in 1975 the panic-stricken elders trying to get re-financing.)

    I also seem to remember the local congs getting together, and sending trucks down to Corpus - with food, water, clothing for the folks that were affected down there.


    In later years, after similar storms pounded the coast - I was no longer attending meetings, but asked the good lil JW wifey what they were doing for the folks down there, after another hurricane hit the coast. Her answer was along the lines that New York was taking care of it. (I think that is what the local brass was told to tell them, if anyone asked.)

    Things sure changed.

    Personally - if I know of anyone that is in need in these areas - I would open my home to them in a heartbeat! (In fact, I already told a friend in Florida that they are welcome here.)


    Jim TX

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