Joy and Steve and all others in the way of Ivan

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  • Joyzabel

    I hear ya, Myself. That's why all the outside furniture and possible projectile missles have been secured indoors.

    The waves are so hypnotic. I'll try to keep taking pictures but 2-D just doesn't get the sense of the height and power of the waves.

    Right now the waves are so high that you cannot see the horizon behind them. Sitting on the first floor, they are over our heads but crash and level out before the wash up to our picket fence. Yes Mike would be standing in water now.

    Nina, the core of our house is cement block. It was built back in '49, so we know where to go to stay out of the wind. But I tell ya, the tidal surge is very scary looking. Opal went through the whole house and out the front doors. (Steve had boarded up and moved furniture, but still everything got wet).

    AND we will leave it the storm turns towards us. We are no fools.......well.........that's debatable. lololol

    I'm just glad I got my mom to leave her home this morning. She lives on the east side of Moble bay. Talk about direct hit and bad side of the storm.

    *back to staring at the waves*

    to Sixer. lol


    ps to Steve E.-- NO COOKIES

  • jst2laws

    Ok, here are some pics,

    The sunset was last night looking toward the storm out in the gulf. The one with the wood bench showing is downstairs a couple of hours ago. The others are from upstairs just a few minutes ago. Notice that from the camera's position, about 25 foot above sea level, the waves almost top out at the horizon. What does that mean?


  • Big Tex
    Big Tex


  • Special K
    Special K

    Hi there

  • Special K
    Special K

    Hi again

    I see in Mike's picture that there are tire tracks on the sand in front of him.

    Are vehicles allowed to drive on the beach there where you live?

    Also, sounds like you two have got everything under control and are prepared to leave if need be.

    stay safe and play safe

    Special K

  • Xandria

    Yeepp I second the thought about being careful. Jeanne is heading towards us now..


  • Joyzabel

    Are vehicles allowed to drive on the beach there where you live?

    With a permit. You know those guys who do the beach chairs, beach patrol (lazy, huh, to drive up and down the beach). But no driving today.

    Watch out for Jeanne

    12:45 CDT, water only to the fence still with the bigger waves. Raining now.


  • mpatrick

    ((((((((Steve and Joy))))))))

    I have been thinking about you guys, especially since I remember you saying that if there was another hurricane that you would just ride it out!

    I am glad to hear that you are safe for the time being!

    Will the waves steal all of your sand like last time? I still remember the picture you showed us of your deck and it was about 8-10 feet off the ground before they pumped sand in from the ocean.


  • toreador

    It sounds like it is getting downright nasty down there.

    How is it now Steve?

  • Mulan

    They are without electricity, but I talked to them. Update on link above.

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