Joy and Steve and all others in the way of Ivan

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  • blindfool

    Just wanted to let these great people know that I'm thinking of them and hoping they stay safe.


  • Joyzabel

    Thank you (((BDF)))

    We are watching it closely. So far the eye looks like its headed towards Mobile Bay. So hang on those over there.

    In the meantime we are watching wonderful long rolling waves.

    Tomorrow will be another story.



  • Mulan

    I keep hearing "Mandatory Evacuation"..........................what does that mean exactly???????????

    I wish you all would head out to a shelter.

  • StinkyPantz

    ((Joy and Steve)) Please be careful..

  • SheilaM

    (((((((Joy and Steve)))))))

  • Joyzabel

    lol Marilyn. You are my worry-wort now.

    Yes they announced "mandatory evacuation" but the are NOT enforcing it. They, who are responsible for the evacuation announcement, know we will probably only have tropical storm winds and tidal surges when it hits land where we live. The thing has really moved to the west. It's New Orleans (low elevation) and everything east of Mobile Bay that is going to get hit worse.

    Now, if it turns our direction tomorrow, don't worry, we'll be over the bridge before the bridge gets closed. (55 mile an hour winds close the bridges around here).

    You know we won't take any chances, but we are not invloved in a fear based religion anymore and tend to look at facts and not sensationalism. Notice how the weather station shows the worse winds and hurricane situation when discussing the current storm. Notice the catch phrases "it will still be a devastating storm" when the storm is losing power. Remember, they want you to watch their station, so they have to hold your attention.

    But thank you everyone for your concerns.

    Joy of the "there is a price to pay for living on the beach" class.

  • SixofNine

    Does this attitude show proper respect for Jehovah's precious gift of life, Joy?

  • xenawarrior

    ((((Joy and Steve)))) You crack me up Joy !! Stay safe and dry !!

    and where is the boy with the surfboard?

  • Mulan

    **stomping my foot**

  • Steve Egner
    Steve Egner

    Steve and Joy,

    I assume you've taken appropriate emergency measures, and laid in an ample store of Pabst and Cookies?


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