Joy and Steve and all others in the way of Ivan

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  • SheilaM

    Joy and Steve: I've not found out if my Aunts evacuated. I am so afraid this may destroy that old cemetary where Mom is buried:( (I know she is dead and I shouldn't care).....Wow I can't imagine what damage this is going to cause to the old home place.....

  • Billygoat

    ((((Sheila)))) I understand about your mother. It would upset me too.

    (((((Joy and Steve)))))) Take care of yourselves! We love you!


  • Special K
    Special K

    Fingers crossed.

    It all just makes me a little panicky though. ..and I don't even live there.

    Keep up the updates anyone and everyone.

    stay safe and be prepared. (which I know you are Steve and Joy)

    Sure sounds like you've been through this before.

    Special K

  • codeblue

    Joy and Steve:

    Sure hope you guys are doing ok....and are SAFE.

    As you know we are stranded in Orlando............hoping to shoot up asap when it is safe....

    Codeblue and NOdenial

    P.S. The pics were awesome!

  • SheilaM


  • codeblue

    Thanks Sheila!!!

    At least we have electricity and are safe. They are having crazy 60 mile an hour winds and not telling when civilization will begin up there. I really feel bad for Steve and Joy and all the others up there.....

  • Special K
    Special K

    Glad your okay codeblue..

    you da best.


  • Kenneson

    Glad to hear everyone is o.k. This is the third time Tallahassee has gotten off easy. Knock on wood. Except for a few downed trees and power outages, we fared very well.

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