How Well Educated Are You?

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  • bull01lay

    I did absolutely crap at school - spent most of my time fighting off bullies that enjoyed persecuting witnesses....!

    I don't have any academic schooling, only industry recognised qualifications in IT e.g. Microsoft accreditations...

    According to my old English teacher, I was a complete waste of space that would never amount to anything!! What a jolly man!


  • franklin J
    franklin J

    hey Min...

    I have not thrown these credentials around for many years... I will share them only with the best!

    ...I have studied the Paradise book as a child with the "Annointed"...( I have to assume that all these years later they have saved me a seat up there...)

    ....I have trained in the field service with Circuit Overseers ( and their wives!) remember Grace and John Casino? and Stewart and his wife? Well, I was their favorite little boy....

    .... I was counciled for my delivery of public talks by Presiding overseers,,,, I was going to be the youngest Elder in the county....

    and Dad was an Elder; family spirit in service; I was a full time pioneeer with my 2 sisters; going door to door to deliver the good news;

    and just as I was coming of age to pursue Bethel or go away to Gilead or serve where the need was great; I was cruelly stricken by "severe wordlyness" and died a lingering ( albeit refreshiing) spiritual death. Chuckle; Chuckle, so much for JW description of education....

    Thanks for the laughs Min; regards to your better half... Frank

  • willy_think

    An Associates in Building Construction from Wentworth.

    I am working on my Bachelor Degree in Construction Management, also at Wentworth.

  • Jankyn

    In 1978, when I graduated from high school, young JWs were expected to stop there and begin pioneering (in fact, several in my congregation had dropped out and pioneered while studying for their GED). Fortunately, I ignored this and took a college scholarship--when led to my being shunned by my JW mother for almost 9 years. So much for "conscience matter"--and I wasn't even baptized (dodged the bullet on that one, with help from my df'd dad, who kept pointing out that Christ himself was 30 before he was dunked).

    I have a B.A. in English and history, an M.A. in Medieval British Literature (Chaucer), and completed the course work and passed the exam for the Ph.D. in English (Brit Lit again)--but I'm ABD. Probably won't finish now, since I've got a job I love (that has absolutely no relation to anything Chaucer) and I don't really need the credential. Besides, as all of us have no doubt heard, an English degree is really useful for using correct grammar when asking, "Do you want fries with that?" **smile**


    "Ne suffreth nat that men yow doon offense." (Clerk's Tale)

  • Tuesday

    Bachelor's in Creative Writing here, AKA BA in BS

  • BrendaCloutier

    10th grade pull-out (16) with a 3.4 gpa to go into the ministry and either pioneer, or find a husband. Bribed with a car.

    I found a husband at 18. I got my GED at 20, and passed first time through with flying colours.

    3 divorces later...

    I have "some" college, and all classes combined in business, communication, and computer sciences, I have a 3.92 gpa. I'm working on my masters from STPU = Seat of The Pants University. So far I'm earning a 4.0!

    I thank gawd and my genetics for a sharp brain.

    I thank my dad for teaching me about simple auto mechanics, electrical wiring and how to read wiring diagrams, and turning me loose in his shop.

    I thank my mom for the "feminine" arts of sewing, pattern making, design, assembly, etc.

    And, believe it or not, I thank the WTS for the Theocraptic Ministry School and Door-to-door ministry for the education to teach and speak to anyone.

    With this background I spent 15 years in the computer industry starting in tech support, moving on to R&D, training, technical writing, systems administration, hardware maintenance, ad nauseum.

    Unfortunately due to FibroMyalgia and Arthritis, I can't work. Pffttthhhttt. But I'm quite proud of my "education" and career, inspite of being a high-school pull-out by religious nut parents.


    PS - I've also done janitorial, house cleaning, construction cleanup, and yardwork. Never would lower myself to flipping burgers, or waiting tables. But I respect those who do or have done.

  • Carmel

    14 years of Friday night Ministry School.

    47 years of de-programing.


  • pamkw

    Finished high school. and I have taken many college courses, mostly computer, information tech related. I haven't actually gotten a degree, I was just lucky to get to go to any classes, and raise my two boys. I am now paying for my few adventures into higher learning, once I pay down some of my student loans, I might go back again. I really, really liked it. But I never stop learning and finding about things I don't know.

    I remember wanting so badly to go to college right out of high school, and being told how stupid I was not to want to pioneer. Instead of knocking on doors, I ran out and got knocked up, (messed up 19 year old that I was). Never did pioneer, or even try too.


  • CeriseRose

    Finished required 12 years of schooling, graduated with honours from high school. Did a few semesters at a local college but didn't know what I wanted to do so went to a business college and got a diploma to get into the workforce. Got a job.

    Was just thinking about going back to college/university to become a teacher when I was 'witnessed to' and decided that I would 'teach' that way (Bible studies...).

    While still in, I took some night school/Saturday courses (a certificate to complete my Technical Writing required one Saturday a month for 7 months and I still got flack for it, even though I kept my FS hours up). While still in (right before I left) I started back to university to work on my Bachelor's (something I'd always wanted to do, and decided that I wasn't going to not do something I really wanted, especially when it wasn't unscriptural or anything). I got ALL sorts of flack from my sister and others in the cong. about being distracted from "Theocratic Activity." By then, considering how I'd been abused and left by the majority of the cong., I wasn't overly worried about their opinion.

    Since I could transfer my earlier college credit, I'm now 1/4 of the way to my Bachelor's.

  • Cicatrix

    "According to my old English teacher, I was a complete waste of space that would never amount to anything!!"

    Sounds like my former math teacher;)

    I'm still attending the School of Hard Knocks.

    Oh, and I have some college credits too.

    Book learning will get me that little piece of paper so I can get a job. But the school of hard knocks has taught me volumes.

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