JW Spouse problems

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  • marcosgarcia

    Any children?

  • marcosgarcia

    Any children????

  • kls

    Yes Marco i have four all grown and they have seen what JWS have done to them and me. When i first left the cult i was called on the phone and told off by three JWS and my husband would have my children spy on me so he could report me to the elders. That is A Jehovah's Witness love.

  • Netty
    found my youngest in the back seat of a car with two sisters. When I asked what my chld was doing in the car they said they weren't dong anything wrong. they never answer directly...

    Call the police. Elders have no legal authority, cops do. There are two strange women (? I assume) in the back seat of a car with your child. Doesnt sound right no matter whether religion is involved or not. Maybe I am over reacting a little, but if you came home and found your child in the back seat of a car with any adult, and you did not know about the witness thing, wouldnt that be just too weird? And, maybe that would teach them to quit it, it would scare them. Elders nope, not the route to go.

  • marcosgarcia

    So the children were brought up as JWs? Are they still in ?

  • kls

    Marco they would go to meeting a lot of the time and not celebrate holidays etc. Till the time came that i could see them changing for the worse. They would tell me how evil people were and that they could not wait for the new system to come. My second oldest had a fascination with death and i believe it was because she was told of how great the new system would be and he could play with the animals. That is when the real hell broke loose when i stopped my kids from going to another cult session. You know i was told i was murdering my kids, turning them over to the devil and on and on .

  • Sassy

    Marcos, I agree with the others, they will be sneaky and try to train your children behind your back.. While it is true they believe in you being the head of the house, they say to obey the head of the house in all things except when it interfers with serving Jehovah. They will feel you are doing that. Rather than make waves, they will do it behind your back.

    Many of us were raised JWs. My mother became one when I was 5. My dad never did, but he let her raise us in it. I can't tell you how many things we all missed out on being raised in that cult.

  • DevonMcBride


    Here is where Steve Hassan's book Releasing The Bonds may help you out. Steve is an ex-cult member and a licensed mental health therapist whose specialty is helping loved ones out of mind controling groups. His book will give you a good understanding of how JW's think, act and indoctrinate. He brings up the guilt and fear factor used in these groups. You may want to check out his web site at www.freedomofmind.com. Another good web site is Randy Watters www.freeminds.org.


  • marcosgarcia

    OK I will check it out. I have checked the websites, and I have Diane Wilson's book Awakening of JWs. So it sounds to me like I am a bit naive and they will be teaching my children and then tell me they are not? The kids are definitely in the middle and that is the sickest part for me. So approaching the elders will not help me? I have pulled the chidren out of the freaking KH twice during talks so I am sure I am all the gossip of the Congo. I have no idea who is in charge over there and when I asked who was I was told no one owns the hall they just meet there. Of course there is a hierarchy and an organization. Should I confront the teacher and the elders?

  • jgnat

    Tough, Marcos. They have already decided you are ruled by Satan, so they do not feel at all bad going behind your back. It makes them feel very "spiritual", martyrs, really. Perhaps the "sisters" have switched around so that these new "sisters", zealots, can have a go at your whole family. Maybe as a start, ask your wife why she no longer studies with the first "sister"? I bet she would take a softer, kinder approach.

    I have seen it over and over. If you oppose directly, with anger, they feel justified. Your wife may already be convinced you are keeping her from God. I really like how family_man eased his wife out of the Watchtower Society. Here is how he said he did it.


    You may want to look up more of his posts. I am sure you could relate to his early panic quickly turning to determination. He did it!

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