JW Spouse problems

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  • dmouse
    they preaching to my children, behind my back? Is this the way JWs operate?

    Yes, it is the way they operate. They will do everything they can to turn your children and wife against you, in a spiritual sense.

    In fact, your wife and children are even now being primed to look out for your objections. Scriptures about 'setting parents against children' etc will be cited to 'prove' that such opposition means that they have the 'truth'

    Tread carefully. Outright opposition may be too late, it may make matters worse, you'll have to play it by ear. I suggest asking them lots of questions about issues that JWs don't want newbies to know about. For example: if children\wife become JWs will they be able to have friends in the world?, have birthdays?, celebrate christmas?, have to preach door-to-door?, have blood transfusions after a serious accident?, question direction from the GB?

    Depending on how advanced into it they are you might bring up child protection issues, the UN, and failed prophecy. That requires a lot of research on your part.

    Once the indoctrination fully sets in they will not answer or even listen to you about such things.

    I wish you the best of luck.

  • desib77
    You go Valis,,,,,,,grrrrrrrrrrr

    Yeah..........grrrrrrrrrrrrrr.... Glad someone said it.....I just didn't feel like dealing with it today. Welcome to the forum. You are certainly at the right place to find people who will support you in this struggle.

  • ballistic

    Well, just as it is written, "the stones shall cry out", all us regular posters must remember the people like Joker constantly not only back us up unwittingly, but constantly bring important threads to the top. I have only mentioned this twice in three years, and the last time was when I told Fred Hall this, and he disappeared. A small pearl for you Joker.

  • avishai

    Gee, Joker, I think the emphasis was moslty on his kids. HE DOES have a right to choose their relif=gion, the JW's are obviously trying to circumvent him.

    If I were in this situation I'd take someone from this board with me for backup, and go to the hall, and tell the BOE straight up that they are not allowed around my kids.

    Also, I'd place a restraining order, if possible

  • Netty

    Also, along the lines of Dmouses comment. Ask your wife what their policy is on Disfellowshippin and shunning. That is one things they do not tell you about up front. You dont find out until it is too late. This policy has destroyed many many familes and lives.

    I am sorry you are facing this right now. Stay on top of it, it means your family.

  • marcosgarcia
    the JWs will do everything they can to indoctrinate your children behind your back, even to the point of meeting your children at school and studying secretly with them in a parked car somewhere

    That comment hits home ! I came home one day earlier than expected and found my youngest in the back seat of a car with two sisters. When I asked what my chld was doing in the car they said they weren't dong anything wrong. they never answer directly...I did not ask if they were doing soemthing wrong I asked what they were doing. They left after that. Should I go to the KH and talk to the elder and tell them to keep out of my personal affairs? I already told the two sisters to stay away. I though maybe that is why they changed sistersf?

    I am not bothered by the joker he is a obviously a jackass. I am NOT deciding her religion, she decided just recently to change her religion. What I am deciding is to teach my children the religion that we agreed upon before they were born. So joker is way off the mark.

  • kls

    Marco you can try to talk to the elders but unless your wife tells them she no longer want's to study with them it may fall on deaf ears. I do not want your life to be like mine in a heartless marriage with a JW that loves A thing . Do all you can !

  • marcosgarcia

    how long have you been in a "heartless mariage"

  • marcosgarcia

    I read your profile please don't tell me since 1977 !!! ¡ AY ! ¡ AY ! ¡ AYYYYYYY !

  • kls

    Marco well today i will be married 31years and have live with him being a JW for 28 years. I was recruited also as a JW but within two years got out and am still fighting to get him out. Talk about beating your head against a wall . Save your family.

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