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  • LittleToe

    His eyes glazed over, and he absent-mindedly looked at the slip of paper.

    Looking from cookie to the slip, the cookie again, his face burst into a frown.

    "You've counted 150 hours for my study this month? That's an outrage! What's the meaning of this?"

  • StinkyPantz

    <Okay the last few don't fit together>

  • Panda

    "Passion" was Mookies little Shitsu dog whom Cookie had mashed with her four door sedan. Seems she was too short to properlay use the cars mirror system. Anyway, there she stood sticky guts in hand ... Passion on her guilty mind.

  • myelaine

    Just then Dick Wanker emerged from the hall and said...........................

    Mookie? Why are you always grinning like there's a devil in a red dress beside me?

  • PointBlank

    "Devil in a red dress???" thought Mookie..."my GAWD, that's it. This religion really is prophetic! It's those demons that Cookie's been telling me about. That's the only explanation". "Listen up Dick," whispered Mookie (for fear of the demons surrounding him). "I'm under attack from the forces of evil. They've even invaded my dreams. And I have to tell you that Cookie is in cohoots with them. Every time I get around her, she...

  • myelaine

    She is nice! she makes me want everything for me. She makes me feel like a man!. She's quite the seductress, she's got YOU!.......

  • Netty
    Every time I get around her, she

    turns into a blue smurf, RANTS "I've had enough of this S$!T" and storms out of the Kindgom hall. The demons, I think she is one of them, I just know it because the other day when she...

  • Terry

    As Mookie regained consciousness, he realized what had happened. The last few minutes were all a bad dream; a disconnected stream of semi-consciousness with no inherent connectivity.

    The set of Watchtower books had fallen off his shelf onto his head by accident. Ahh...ohhh, my my. The daze cleared.

    Back to business!

    Mookie would call Brother Wanker and ask for a Committee meeting to confess the unclean thoughts that had been disturbing him and leaving him vulnerable to such accidents as having Governing Body materials strike unholy thoughts from his head.

    He dialed the phone and then stopped......!

    Why did his phone have a dial? What year was this? His phone should have buttons. He glanced at the calendar....!!

    The year was 1975!

  • StinkyPantz

    "Is this real?"

    As the question was still tumbling around in Mookie's brain.. he wandered around his apartment in a daze. That is.. until he saw a mirror. He couldn't believe his eyes..

  • LittleToe

    that strange shaped brow, that facial hair...

    He had a sudden overwhelming desire to start writing, as thoughts came tumbling to him.
    Vast empires of pyramids, measuring lines, and dates.

    They'll never believe it, but I... must... tell the world!!!
    No, the world is bad.
    Oh dear, what a quandry!

    Tick tock, tick tock

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