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    Among Surrealist techniques exploiting the mystique of accident was a kind of collective collage of words or images called the cadavre exquis (exquisite corpse). Based on an old parlor game, it was played by several people, each of whom would write a phrase on a sheet of paper, fold the paper to conceal part of it, and pass it on to the next player for his contribution.

    I will begin the story. Each poster after me will continue the story by fleshing it out. Try not to add more than a reasonable amount. Leave it "up in the air" to allow the person after you to commence with something creative and perhaps surprising. When (and if) we ever finish we will have a novel of surreal dimensions written by every poster on Jehovah's Witness Discussion Group.


    Title: Mookie Fugbutton attends his first Kingdom Hall meeting.

    Chapter One: Strangeness

    Mookie cocked his head to one side as he sat in his 61 Plymouth Fury outside the Rockwall Kingdom Hall of Jehovah's Witnesses. It was his first time to attend on the invitation of that peculiar little guy who called himself Brother Wanker.

    Mookie licked the orange Cheetoh flavoring off his fingers and reach for his green bible. He opened the door to the car and heard his named shouted from the porch of the Hall.

    "Hey Mookie, over here!" It was Brother Wanker's wife, Cookie. She was the real reason he had come. He had to admit it to himself. She was sweet! The day she had knocked on his door life had changed; bigtime! The bible study she started with him that very day was taken over by her husband, Dick. That was a letdown, of course. But, Mookie was a clever fellow and he asked if he could go over to the Wanker household and continue the study there each week. It had been pure heaven since then!

    All those evenings studying and praying while keeping one eye on Cookie had filled Mookie with a strange, strange longing. And now, the upshot of all this, he was at this crazy religious meeting for the first time.

    He walked over to the entrance of the Hall where various people had gathered and Cookie flashed a smile as bright a the harvest moon.

    Just then Dick Wanker emerged from the hall and said...........................

  • Glenmore

    ............. Brothers, it's the first of the month, don't forget to put your time in.

    Mookie, wondering what that was all about, said to Cookie "What does 'putting your time in mean', Cookie?"

    Cookie replied "Well, that's something the Organization wants to know. There's several Scriptures that back that up but I can't think of any now. We record every month how many hours we spent in Field Service, placing magazines and the like. We have a personal goal of 10 hours a month."

    "Do you count time when you are talking to me about the Bible and that book you suggested I read?"

    "Well, yes Mookie. We do."

    "Cookie, does that mean that if we were to talk about these things more often you could count more time."

    "Yes, that's true"

    "Well, Cookie, I don't work on Mondays. Perhaps you and Dick could come by and talk to me more" said Mookie, knowing that Dick worked regular hours during the week.

    "Mookie, Dick won't be able to make it but I could come by. How's tomorrow?"

    "Great, say 10am, and you'll be on your own then."

    "Well, I was thinking of bringing a friend with me, do you mind?"

    "Actually, I'm a bit nervous about talking about spiritual things with someone I don't know. Would you mind if you came alone?"

    "OK. See you at 10am tomorrow"

    Sweet, thought Mookie. We can talk for hours .........................

  • OICU8it2

    God, are you talking about me?

  • Terry

    "God, are you talking about me?", Mookie thought to himself as the speaker onstage read aloud from the Song of Solomon. Mookie was sitting sandwiched between Dick and Cookie and he couldn't stop himself from glancing down at her knees. They were so..so.. He felt himself blush. Cookie glanced over at him and smiled. The heat could melt lead.

  • Samdownunder

    The next day Mookie was eagerly awaiting Cookie's visit. He wasn't so sure what he would say to her or how he could convince her he was interested in the religion and not her. He nervously fumbled thoughts around in his mind. He decided he would pretend to be totally interested until he could come up with a better plan. He started reading the book she had given him, so as to be well prepared. Mookie tried to understand the information he was reading but couldn't help thinking, "wow, a lot of this seems like.........

  • NewSense

    that weird comic strip filled with illogical non-sequitors, "Zippy." You know, that pin-head that dresses in a mu-mu that looks like a clown suit. Anyway, Mookie gets to thinking. Maybe he and Cookie could dress up like Zippy and his lady, Zebrina.

  • avengers

    but the thought quickly faded when Mookie heard the doorbell.
    Standing there was Cookie with another sister.
    "We are not allowed to visit single men alone, so I thought
    I would bring sister Chocolate Chip to accompany me. I hope you don't mind".
    Mookie scratched his head and replied:

  • Sunnygal41

    "Yeah, okay, Cookie, Chocolate Chip is welcome." Meanwhile, under his breath, Mookie cursed long and fervently............

  • johnny cip
    johnny cip

    then when cholocate chip sat down and the air /cond took affect. mookie similed with glee, as chololate's ,chip's beamed like head light threw her blouse...

  • sf

    ...over her head and started with a prayer to begin their bible study.

    Just then, all hell broke loose....

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