favourite games to play as a child during boring meetings

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  • TallTexan
    Too bad we couldn't make this into a drinking game.

    Oh shit...THAT was funny. I would have probably attended WAY more meetings....

    Here's some of the stuff we used to do as (older) teenagers:

    1) Take CapriSun juice pouches, pour half of them out, fill the rest with vodka, put them inside our inner jacket pocket and sip them during the meeting.

    2) Try to incorporate song lyrics into our comments (our favs were the Beastie Boys and Run DMC - hey, this WAS the 80's!)

    3) Look down ALL sister's shirts while handling the mikes, then compare notes on who was wearing the best bra.

    4) Here was a great scam. We'd tell our parents we were going to a different hall in the afternoon on Sunday (presumably that had some 'nice young sisters') so that we could sleep off our hangovers on Sunday morning. Then, we'd go to the 'other' hall, chat with some 'good brothers' before the meeting so that they could report back to our parents that we were there. Then, after the first song, we'd go to a local mexican restaurant, watch the Cowboys or the Oilers game, make it back to the meeting just before the closing song, hook up w/ some 'nice young sisters' after the meeting. What nice young brothers we were.

  • dolphman
    So..... Are Watchtowers a turn-on for you now? ;)

    Now? Yes. But even more so back then. My mom was always impressed when I would take a Watchtower into the bathroom with me and "study" it for hours at a time.

    Now, I pop wood at the sight of one laying around in a laudrymat. In fact, I have to avoid talking to street witnessers entirely, for fear of poking someone's eye out.

  • Lostreality

    Dolph...I could have gone the rest of my life without ever knowing that game you played.

    All men have probably played it at one point or another....but its like consitpation...you just DONT talk about it ....

  • GentlyFeral
    We had a list of words like: Jehovah, Jesus, Kingdom.. and we got to () keep track of how many times each was said with hash marks under the name.. great fun it was

    Man, I never put my kids through that.

    I only made them write down all the unfamiliar words they heard during meetings. At first, when they were 7 and 14, this produced pretty good meeting notes that we actually enjoyed discussing afterwards. But they were smart enough that they never had to write down the same word twice...not deviousness, just good memory for vocabulary. If I remember rightly, this trick lasted less than a year.

    My son, when he hit his middle teens, started writing surreal stories using random words from the talks. We let this go because "he must have been paying some attention, even though this can't be very respectful, can it?"


  • TallTexan

    How about during service? Usually you could only get away with stuff when you were in the 'young people's car group'. Were y'all lucky enough to have that? Where all the young 'pioneers' would get to be in the same car group?

    When we were calling on old folks, we'd use the names of rappers or musicians (Good morning, I'm Kurtis Blow and this is Cyrus Stroh and we're here to talk to you about the Bible).

    When someone was standing next to the car talking to a householder, we'd roll the back of their jacket up in the window so they couldn't move.

    Of course we'd take 1 hour lunch breaks.

  • dolphman


    I talk about constipation too...Check out this thread:



  • in a new york bethel minute
    in a new york bethel minute

    my baby sister had a bottle, and i would pretend it was a rocket and blast off with it.

  • Elsewhere

    I liked to get the little square mirror out of my mom's purse, then I would place it halfway over the faces in the books to make the faces look funny.

    I could make the faces cross-eyed, or make them a Cyclops, or make it look like they have a big mouth.... just goes on and one...

  • Purza

    My best friend and I had a code. If she would turn around and rub her finger across her upper lip (like she had an itch) I was supposed to get up to go to the bathroom and she would meet me there. You see her family would always sit in the same spot at the front of the hall. Her parents would not see me getting up to go to the bathroom first and then she would ask if she could go and they would let her. Eventually they caught on and would check to see if I was there before letting her go. LOL


  • Odinseeker

    oh how i envy you all :) my mother (we'll call her pauline (cause thats her name)) was so strict if she caught us looking around... i shudder to think what she would do. no paper or any thing that would mark on anything (untill we were old enuf to take notes ("what did you learn from that part"?)) no toys that was for the weak ones kids, as i said no looking around so counting PPL, tiles, any thing was OUT untill i was old enuf to sit where i wanted, so my FAV thing to do to pass the time was ... placing one leg across my knee long enuf for the blood flow to slow and make my leg "fall asleep" and then sticking a pin or edge of the bible or what ever book into my foot to see if i could feel it. only once did this cause any real problem, i had ta pee and when i stood up i promptly fell on my ass, in the front row... full hall ... sunday morn. still cant think about it w/out laughing any other foot sleepers out there? tim s

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