favourite games to play as a child during boring meetings

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  • RR

    Naked twister

  • avishai
    Too bad we couldn't make this into a drinking game.

    Back seats. Row of apostates. Flasks.

    I'm in.

    When I was little it was sucking on the end of my dad's tie to fall asleep when he was'nt looking. He went to give a talk w/ a soaked tie on more than one occasion.

    Later, my dad, an elder who got bored easy would pull out his pocket knofe and pick slivers out of his hand, then mine. I loved it.

    Then, when my friend and I could'nt pass notes anymore, it was fun to point at letters in our bible to make setences, or words in the index. We worked out more than one code. It Rawked. Other good games were , eating your chapstick. Thinking about the hottie that walked by. Tehn putting your bible on your lap so noone saw that you were thinking about her.

    Here is how it's done.

    Color the dinosaur and the babylonian guy in the green bible. Look up the dirty parts in leviticus. Repeat putting bible on lap. Eat all of your breath mints. Pick your nose and hope no one saw you. Figure out where to put it. Go to the bathroom as many times as possible. See if you can get your buddy to go at the same time. Talk about sister hottie. Get caught. Be pissed at the A-hole MS for the rest of the meeting. Think of how you can get back at him. Answer to look good. Then feel like a dork when you mess up. Take someones baby who is crying for them to show off for sister hottie, Actually enjoy walking around with baby. Get puked on. Use it as an excuse to go to the bathroom for like, 20 min. Then wear baby barf like a badge of honor. Show off more. When meeting gets done, tell sister hottie that you caught A-hole MS eating a booger in bathroom. Laugh fiendishly. Go to coffee w/ sister hottie. Arrange it so your mom and her mom can't see you play footsie. Go home. Wait with glee for next meeting.

  • Devils Advocate
    Devils Advocate

    When the singing/intermission began, a buddy and I used to sing the wrong verses. If the congregation was singing verse 1 we'd be singing verse 2, then when they went to verse 2 he and I would sing verse 1.

    One time the "head" elder's two daughters were sitting behind us. They caught on to what we were up to and giggled -- which prompted my buddy and I to sing even louder. I don't know if anyone else caught on but it was our way of rebelling and poking a little fun.

  • Nosferatu
    a buddy and I used to sing the wrong verses. If the congregation was singing verse 1 we'd be singing verse 2, then when they went to verse 2 he and I would sing verse 1.

    I used to sorta do this, however, I never sung loud enough for people to hear me. I never used to follow the way the song was layed out in the song book. I would go straight from top to bottom (as opposed to going all over the page), moving every syllable to see if I would wind up re-merging with the congregation's singing at the end of the song.

    I remember having a paper and pad, writing a book about a space man going to the moon. It was going to be my greatest work since "I love my cat". I drew up the cover, and it was beautiful! I showed it to my mom's JW friend, and she wrote the name "Jehovah" on it. My book cover was ruined and I immediately trashed it.

    I don't remember very much about my childhood at the meetings. I remember my older years much more (probably because I attended more). I remember one particular memorial when I brought my toy Superman. I didn't play with it during the meeting, but I wanted him to attend! He just quietly sat in my coat pocket. When the memorial was over, I started playing with him in the car. My mother got mad, took Superman away from me, and when we got out of the car, she threw it into the neighbor's yard. I never saw him again.

    In my teen years, I would mentally undress the hot sisters. I chewed a lot of gum. I would fill the chair piping with gum and foil balls during the prayer (until I got caught by sister overzealous). I used to look through the bible for really funny scriptures and write them in the back (I still have that bible). I loved my green bible that I bought at a second hand store for 50 cents because it was green, and some of the scriptures were changed from the 1984 edition everyone used. It was funny when I used it for our family's weekly bible reading and they would suddenly ask, "Where are you reading???"

    In my later years, I spend more of my time in morbid thoughts. During one convention, I decided to keep scratching the same spot on one of my hands until it bled. I still have a scar from that one. I'd also sit and think of effective ways to kill myself. One was tying myself to the back of a car and being dragged to death.

    I don't miss the meetings.

  • Lostreality

    my friend Ricky and I would break out the bibles and start browsing thru them. It looked great because we were both totally wrapped up in the bible, it was fun because we were taking words from randomly around the bible to make into a sick, twisted, totally f-ed up sentance.

  • ColdRedRain

    On my way out, I played "Theocratic bullshit bingo" (I was too afraid to swear back then).

  • desib77
    We had a list of words like: Jehovah, Jesus, Kingdom.. and we got to () keep track of how many times each was said with hash marks under the name.. great fun it was

    Ditto.....JW parents were all pretty much alike.

  • BrendaCloutier
    Count the foam panels in the ceiling. Pick scabs. Try to find the best position to fall asleep without looking like I was actually asleep.

    Were you at my hall watching me? Learning to fall asleep without looking like I was sleeping was a well learned trick I've used at work! The other one is I had to learn to laugh without laughing. It took a long time to learn to laugh out loud. Now I have an obnoxious horse laugh that I'm proud of! One of my games was picking out who should be married to whom based on what they looked like, or their personalities. As I got older, I design clothes on the pictures in the WT or Awake, then went home and made them (I was taught to sew very young). Of course they were for field service! Bren

  • dolphman

    My favorite game was to try and give myself a boner, usually accomplished by checking out the nearest good-looking sister. Then, the object was to maintain the boner throughout the rest of the meeting. I only had a couple of time-outs that I could call, like standing during singing and trips to the bathroom. The rest of the time, the goal was to maintain the erection. Not easy, considering how mind-numbing a watchtower study could be. Only by constantly fantasizing about every sister could I possibly keep the boner. This sometimes forced me to fantasize about sisters who weren't nesscessarily pretty, but had other assets that could keep my going. Fat but big breasted, elders wives (power/control issues), handicapped sisters (more twisted power issues), crazy sisters (women you just grab a hold of the reigns and hold on to dear life to)...etc...

    In any case, it was fun game, and a workout as well. (Keigal exercises).

  • Nosferatu
    The rest of the time, the goal was to maintain the erection. Not easy, considering how mind-numbing a watchtower study could be.

    So..... Are Watchtowers a turn-on for you now? ;)

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