Why Would Anyone Defend Jehovah's Witnesses??????????

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  • undercover

    I don't defend JWs. They can do that themselves. But I also don't speak ill of JW followers. I feel pity and sorrow for the honest sincere people among them. The WTS leaders on the other hand are despicable. I have no use for them or their religion. While I don't hate them, I sincerely hope that they are exposed and brought to ruin.

    I can't stop looking at the WT picture of Armageddon hoped for. This is one of the despicable acts of this religion to keep its followers in line, using fear. "If you don't follow our religion, this is what is going to happen to you" is the message plain and clear. And they have their followers ready to cheer when it happens. I wonder how many JWs cheered when the twin towers fell, thinking or hoping that Armageddon was starting? Oh, they won't admit it now, but at the first televised pictures, when chaos ruled, what was the first thought through their mind? Did they cheer, thinking that Jehovah was finally exacting justice on the wicked world? I know JWs in my old hall were concerned for my "spirituality" right after it happened. I got elder visits and phone calls trying to get me to come back, because "we don't want to be outside the fold" when the next wave hits, as if 9/11 was a first assault by Jehovah. Show that picture to a non-JW, explain the meaning behind it and then try to defend that religion.

  • shamus
    XQ's exhibits trollish behavior imo.

    It could be the case, but I prefer to let XQ speak before even mentioning something like that. I seem to recall personally calling many people trolls who were not. It's easy to be mis-understood on the internet.

  • DaCheech

    How can you defend them? This elder in his 70's brags with faith these days that the Rome bethel

    did him a wonderful favor when he: showed faith to the beliefs given to him, and they hid him there

    to avoid going back to his unbelieving parents (his parents went looking for him there, and they said "we don;t know what you're talking about"

    Yes, this was his true confession during the WT study (he's the WT conductor, and he talks alot of nonsense to show his spirituality!)

    JW's and the Bethel's are responsible for alot of family brekups, and they will not take responsibility!

  • L_A_Big_Dawg

    I don't know. I gguess you would need to ask Greg Stafford.


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