Why Would Anyone Defend Jehovah's Witnesses??????????

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    Possibly because of family ties, not having been hurt enough, or even because of sub consciously fearing displeasing god.(grieving the spirit)

    I personally get irritated when I hear defensive discussions about dubs because usually it's personal opinion based on emotion.

    I will never defend dubs, I won't persecute them either, but I NEVER apologise for them! Where were they for all those kids that needed defending? Oh, they were busy defending the borg's name and image! They are soooo proud of it.

    When I was first in the borg I couldn't believe the things that were being said by some witnesss about df'ed or inactive people. The venom and animocity from some JWs mouths was horrible. And to be discussing it with others was nothing more than gossip and slander. I use to walk away thinking, 'why take it personally? After all it's god they've upset not you.' They said they were telling me so I would keep away from them. Talk about causing divisions. Now that I am friends with some of the slandered, it's interesting to hear the other side!

    I often read how people on this forum don't think most dubs are bad etc, and that's fair enough, not all are. But when I associated with dubs I have to say, I heard alot of hateful words toward other religions, non-witnesses and ones that had left the fold. And I came from the 'world' and saw some pretty awful stuff, but this was a real eye opener for me. Especially after having this religion presented to me as god's visible, united, loving organization..........yeh, right! A real spiritual paradise.

    I'm not a hateful person, not before or after the borg. But let's not kid ourselves about witnesses. I have met alot of very jealous, ambitious, proud, arrogant, controlling, hypocritical and critical people in the borg. Oh yes, I agree, they are everywhere those sort of people! But for a small group of people I found alot of negative energy at ever Kingdom hall I went too. I think people are kidding themselves in believing that dubs are just warm, fuzzy people.

    They would never defend you and I, even if we left for good reasons, the very reasons dubs would use to convince poeple to leave their church for!!!!!!!

    So why would I defend THEM???????? There is nothing to defend. Children need defending not dubs!

    Cheers, Bliss

  • Simon
    I agree that we can cut some slack to people but I still wonder why there are those defenders

    I think it's just one of the stages that some people go through. I know a few people who started out as staunch JW defenders.

    Muslims have been demonized and condemed routinely since '01. Much of the critisism is deserved. Are there any Muslim individuals or practices that you would defend???

    Hmnnn. I disagree with this. The only criticism that is deserved is that which is accurate and directed towards those who are guilty. Individuals who are not guilty of anything should not even NEED to have anyone defend them.

    Remember ... freedom from tyranny, oppression ... religious freedom ... innocent until proven guilty. Let's not forget the pillars on which our civilisation and society is based unless we are happy to give it up.

  • XQsThaiPoes

    I can justify the WTS because it predictably acts like a corporate enitity. JWs on the other hand is harder to defend because they act like parochial fiefdoms each with its own set of fudal lords. Just like the middle ages some lords were good some many were bad. So some JWs may live a sublime life of JWism others in a nightmarish terror.

  • Simon

    Shouldn't we distinguish between JWs and the WTS (and it's corporations) though?

    JWs are, IMO, just people who follow the rules. Some enjoy the rules and the power that they get from the positions they reach but not all do and most don't become anything more than foot-soldiers.

    It is easy to think that all of them are like the ones that hurt us. They are not though. I know some of the people we had to leave behind were very good people and it hurts to think that they are wasting their lives. Others, well ... leaving them in the WTS is the best revenge

    The leaders and the ones who make the rules are the most guilty IMO.

  • johnny cip
    johnny cip

    bliss: it could not be said beter. you are 100% correct. john

  • johnny cip
    johnny cip

    xq's ; the more i read your posts . you keep making roundabout excuses for the actions of the jw's or the wt. your reasoning is not winning me over. sorry i truely think you need a taste of your own medicine. john

  • XQsThaiPoes

    My "roundabout excuses" are called REAL LIFE!

    Just becuase you think the watchtower is some government of God or false prophet or whatever does not mean it has to be. They are a realestate developer and publishing company. They print editorials, oppion articles, and a few pieces of journalism, but mostly "self help" materials.

    They are nothing more. Stop romantising it. Most JWs rarely interact with the watchtower. When it comes to JWism it is a relatively harmless parochial evangelical religion that is loosely united.

  • gumby
    Every so often, I will read on this board, how some people will defend and apologize for what JWs do or believe in.....I just don't get it.

    I've been burned badly by the dubs as my entire mothers side of the family is still in the borg except for 2 of my sisters.......and it's a big family!

    I still defend dubs when lies are told about them or information about them is incorrect. I feel the dubs had many good things about them too and are many times a bit.......overblamed for things many others ...including ourselves, are guilty of.

    The big problem is........we always want to blame the publishers...(fellow dubs)... for the way they treat us, how they think, how they act, and how they believe,......always forgetting OUR OWN MINDS were just like theirs in that regard before we got out. Are they to blame? Yes....I think the WTBTS is a horrible organisation that destroys many lives in many ways......I just wished 'some', would use authentic evidences to prove it, and not point needless fingers when it's not waranted.


  • Odrade
    Shouldn't we distinguish between JWs and the WTS (and it's corporations) though?

    An extremely important distinction, Simon. I believe for the most part, JW individuals are sincere, and sincerely deluded. There are clearly enough that are ambitious, vain, and deceitful so that the whole machine continues to work as the WTS sets up. It is most certainly a high-control group that has done a great deal of damage.

    I have been known to defend JWs motives, both on this board and off. I do not do it out of some misguided attempt to justify how I behaved as a fanatical and faithful JW. I just don't want to lose grasp on the reality of blind belief, and attribute malicious motives to individuals who may not have them. Anyone who has read my posts knows that my defense is not a defense of that horrid Organization, and never will be.

    But I am very much in favor of looking back honestly and objectively at what we were thinking, and the path we took to get here. (Or, more accurately, what I was thinking.) If that means that occasionally I defend the JWs, well, integrity, you know? It's not a word exclusive to the JWs.

    For the record, I will NOT defend the WTS, other than to correct blatantly false information that could give the individual JW reason to dismiss what we tell them. I hate that organization and its policies that have resulted in so much harm to so many.


    edit: GUMBASTARD!!! you stole all my ideas while I was watching TV with my reply window open. LOL!

  • XQsThaiPoes

    Yeah the problem is most JWs only think as a last resort. Look at HLS. When a JW has to use their brain to pick medical treatment they have no problem running ahead of the watchtower. It is almost as if they decide to give the watchtower the benefit of the doubt that the bible only talks of whole blood. Then take disfellowshipping many JWs are traditional. Others in the privacy of the office or home ignore the watchtower.

    The problem I think like any good story suspension of disbeif is key to religion. The watchtower exploits this. The heartbreak comes when you realize that the things you were told to suspend your disbelief existed for that sole purpose a simple plot device .

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