Why Would Anyone Defend Jehovah's Witnesses??????????

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  • XQsThaiPoes

    Uh an elder just said from the podium regarding todays study article "Keep im mind about conscience matters. Keep them to your self. (he then made a zipping lip guesture)" This is a realatively enlightend elder. If fractions are now "don't ask, don't tell, don't persue". What of the more scandalous...

    I am not speculating by the way I know. AJWBR hints at it if you probe a bit. That is if you believe the section is writen by real HLC.

  • Lostreality

    I defend some of the beliefs they taught, that i myself, through research have found to be true.

    Thats it.


  • minimus

    XQ's, all JWs and the rest of mankind should know that the more you speak your business, the more others will be in it. No new revelation there. What's this got to do with defending JWs?

  • avishai
    It is amazing how people can claim JWs is a pedophile paradise that is acceptable

    It's acceptable because it's not a "claim". It's true. Period, end of story, no lie.

  • avengers
    I would only defend their basic human rights, determined of course, by yourself.


    Take for instance my youngest daughter (13).
    She lives with her Mom who is JW. She gets study from
    a JW. Who is messin' with her mind? Is it the young woman who's giving her study?
    At the moment she's not even supposed to have contact with me.
    Is it her fault? Shall I defend her? I think so.
    Except sometimes I run out of ideas as to how.

    Sad, very sad. This is the very reason why I get pissed off at the responsible "brothers".
    In my eyes they are despicable (__|__) s. To keep a child away from the father
    is unforgivable. If this is the way Jehovah works then He can suck my ,,,,,......!

    Andy. of the I never knew what hate was until I got to know Jehovah class.

  • shamus
    Lil ole me shooting my mouth off making false acusations, talking about things he knows nothing about .

    It is amazing how people can claim JWs is a pedophile paradise that is acceptable. Claim the watchtower is playing both sides of the blood game and that is an insult to their integrity.
    XQ's---how do YOU know what JWs "secretly" do? You can only surmise. Your comparison of the WTBS and JWs is like saying the KKK is different from the KKK klansmen.

    Thats like asking KKK klansmen "How do you know what KKK Klansmen do in secret? You can only surmise."


    One minute you're not a JW, the next you are. I would appreciate it if you would fill us all in on just what you really are here, XQ. You claim to be from Africa, is that true? What do you really know about Jehovahs Witnesses? You once claimed to be Catholic. So what is it? Perhaps I am confused; please enlighten us. If you don't then I surmise that you're just some internet weirdo playing games. I truly hope that is not the case, but I've seen far weirder things on this very forum. This is the internet, you know. Your stories are not sounding that good. Your strange posts have not gone unnoticed.

    Now back to the real question: Why would someone defend them?

    Because they wish to be decieved. I was one going door to door, just like all of you. Didn't it make you feel good to have the inside scoop on things? Didn't it feel good to think that maybe, just maybe you knew exactly what was going to happen in 'the world'? I defended the hell out of the doctrines. When people could not be 'convinced', then I believed that 'Satan had blinded the eyes of the unbelievers', and I had provided my 'witness'.

    Looking back on it, it was terribly unchristian to treat other people that way. I remember people in car groups just laughing at people out in 'the service'. Disgusting behavior, and having a feeling of being a know-it-all is why I believe most people do it. Would Jesus have laughed at people who were in a terrible state?

    They prey on low self-esteem. How can you have good self-esteem when you're being torn down every meeting, being told to do more, do more, do more? Being told that you're a horrible sinner, and (implied here) that you'd better get your ass out in service more and try to be 'perfect' because Jehovah will sift you out at Armageddon.

    But these words are nothing more than apostate nonsense to them. It goes in circles. You can lead a horse to water, but you cannot make it drink. Simple words that answer the question. Go see the Matrix and you get a good idea of why some do not wish to leave the 'organization'.

  • minimus

    XQ's exhibits trollish behavior imo.

  • GermanXJW

    There are a few scientists that defend JW i.e. Gerhard Besier or Gabriele Yonan in Germany or Richard Singelenberg in the Netherlands. Some claim the WTS pays them for doing it. I heard from others they just want to defend a religious minority. Those people sometimes also defend Scientology.

  • Room 215
    Room 215

    The courts of ``Satan's wicked system,'' especially those of the enlightened western democracies, notably the U.S. Supreme Court, have done a pretty good job of defending their rights. And I do think that the point made by several contibutors here, that one ought to distinguish between the rank and file dubs, many of whom are decent folk, and the reprehensible, arrogant leadership.

  • DaCheech

    "Blissinignorance: When I was first in the borg I couldn't believe the things that were being said by some witnesss about df'ed or inactive people. The venom and animocity from some JWs mouths was horrible. And to be discussing it with others was nothing more than gossip and slander. I use to walk away thinking, 'why take it personally? After all it's god they've upset not you.' They said they were telling me so I would keep away from them. Talk about causing divisions. Now that I am friends with some of the slandered, it's interesting to hear the other side!"

    This reminds me of the gossip reguarding not just disfellowshipped - but of the reinstated!

    They will always wear a sign on their back "Kick me!, I've been disfellowshipped before!", or if you're young "You can't marry me!, I've been disfellowshipped before!"

    Yep, you will always be the center of gossip! the mark of infamy will be written on you in indellible ink!

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