Is God able to help everybody all the time?

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  • JT

    Christians believe they are called to suffer


    This is the most amazing thing about belief systems they always want the rank and file believer to suffer- thruout the history of man and his belief system the poor rank and file member suffered while the Dudes at the top of the food chain CHILLED OUT

  • kes152


    To Ozziepost:

    The Spirit comes to anyone asking for him and speaks to anyone who wants to hear the truth. Many have been taught they have the Christ in their hearts and many believe they have the Christ in their hearts, however, their words and actions tend to show that rather then having the Christ in their hearts, they are by their works disowning even the Owner that bought them and spreading their corruption into the earth. I hear because I 'asked' to hear. I wanted the truth and I asked for him to come and speak to me the truth. The door was opened, I walked through. The door has been opened to many and some walk through, some do not. There are people who truly have the Christ in their hearts, and there are many others who think they do, but truly do not. I am unable to say who does and who does not unless the Holy Spirit specifically tells me who does and who does not and I am given the direction to say such. In the meantime, the Christ knows those who belong to him and his sheep will hear his voice. It is not up to me at all. All I am is one who has been sent by that One to do the things I am directed to do and say.

    To JT:

    Many people suffer because of what they have brought upon themselves, many people suffer because of what OTHERS have brought upon them. The Christ knows all of them and he knows the ones who are asking. Everyone who suffers and is asking for the help of the Christ receives it. Everyone who after receiving the help and obeys him, makes whatever change(s) necessary to receive the salvation from such persecution does get saved from it. The Christ himself delivers them. What ones must do is 'want' to be delivered, and be willing to be delivered. The Christ does not force deliverance upon anyone, it is a free gift to anyone who wants it. God IS able to help everyone all the time. The truth is, not everyone wants his help, and there are many who say they want his help, but when such help is offered, they reject him. There are also many others who ask for his help and when such help is offered, they take it and are delivered.

    Peace to you all,


  • frankiespeakin


    You said to Ozzie:

    There are people who truly have the Christ in their hearts, and there are many others who think they do, but truly do not.
    Could you be one of these mislead ones??????? I mean it is a possiblity isn't it????
  • LittleToe

    ~sounds of munching popcorn from the balcony~

  • Balsam

    Terry post #12 is just outstanding.

    This is how each and every person should evaluate what they believe. Perhaps if they did then fundamentalist religions would lose their power over people. Fear would not rule over them.

    I have found the same things Terry has in his quest, one worth taking.

  • ballistic

    Yes it was a good post, as usual it got my random thoughts going again - went right off at a tangent trying to apply the argument to other things in life. (I am very good at lateral thinking - in fact I only think laterally)

    Take for example the fact I am god's gift to women. Could this actually be based on a false premise? Well, yes. I cannot prove the existance of God, or in fact, if there was a god that he gives gifts. Otherwise the statement seems perfectly sound. Do you all agree?

  • Valis

    It would be nice if ballistic said something on this thread..


    District Overbeer

  • ballistic

    Damn, that invisible things started up again. I bet Simon's built in some crap-o-meter which picks out my posts and blanks the text OR SOMETHING!!!

  • kes152

    Greetings Frank,

    You asked if I could possibly be one of the misled ones who think they have the Christ but truly do not. Yes, I could if I were to hide from my sins and attempt to continue hiding from my sins. Each day the Spirit has been coming to me and revealing my sins to me from deep within my heart and each time I am always given the opportunity to believe my sins and admit my errors, or act as though I do not hear them, or ignore them, and believe I am righteous. If I were to ignore the sins and errors that have been revelaed to me and believe that I do not have those problems, then I could very well be one of those who think they have the Christ, but truly do not. That is why a GREAT deal of my spirituality depends heavily upon my being honest and not hiding from my sins.. even secretly. He knows when I am trying to play false and when I do he tells me. He then leaves it up to me to believe him and stop playing false and "come clean" or to deny that I am playing false and go on acting in deciet deceiving myself and being deceived.

  • gumby
    To Gumby:

    The Spirit says to you, "Not all the people in the earth who are suffering do not want my help. There are many who do want my help and those who want my help, get my help. There are also many people in the earth who say they want my help but truly in their hearts.. do not want my help. Everyone asking receives and to everyone knocking the door is opened to them. When one knocks and the door is opened

    No offence, but I think what you said is bullshit.......but I mean that in a nice kinda way.


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