Favorite Fast Food

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  • GermanXJW

    White Castle looks like a Watch Tower.

    I prefer Burger King, BTW.

  • Sunspot

    My all-time favorite is Long John Silver's chicken and hush puppies. Their coating on the fish is THE best!! Unfortunately, they closed here a few years ago so I can't get them any more :-(

    When we lived in western MA we had a White Castle right on Main Street----pretty good stuff!

    Living in a rural area, all we have is Mickey Dee's and Burger King and local pizza shops.

  • LittleToe

    Take-out would be Chinese, especially spicy chicken chow mein.

    Fast food that I make myself would generally be Pizza.

  • DanTheMan


    That's one thing I miss about living in Ohio was White Castles.

    Come back! COME BAAAAACK!!!!!! lol

    I like Chipotle Burritos...yummy

  • Leolaia

    For burgers, can't beat Wendy's for me. For subs, I prefer Quiznos.

  • johnny cip
    johnny cip

    i can remember going to white castle as a kid, and sitting at the counter , and they would bring you your burgers , on a real dish, also they would come into the parking lot and put a tray on your half rolled down car window. drive-in style. mom never let me have cheese burgers, i think she was too cheap. now that i pay i allways order cheese burgers with extra pickles. but the new fried white castle came out with about 10 years ago , are not as good as the old shoe string ones they used to have. there is a place in jersey on route 1 called WHITE MANNA. very similiar to white castle. small burgers but more meat. maybe rr has been there. plus white castle is the only game in town at 4 in the morning and you only have $3.52 cents in your pocket. john

  • Nathan Natas
    Nathan Natas

    As one of the few un-closeted bi-costals here, I can understand RRs affection for those little morsels of White Castle goodness! There are no White Castles out here in Seattle - probably none west of the BIG river - but White Castle is an ICON in New York.

    I had to laugh at what GermanXJW said, because when I was a kid, I wondered what the connection between White Castle and The Watchtower Society was. Even then, at that young age, I was a conspiracy theorist! I'll bet White Castle is operated by the Illuminati, or the Bilderbergs, or the Tri-Lateral Commission... just gotta be.

    I'm an omnivoire - it's ALL (mostly) good to me.

    Oh, RR - we do have Jack in the Box restaurants out here. They're pretty good. They had a huge thing called a Bistro Burger a while back that was like 45 pounds of delicious burger.. maybe I exaggerate just a little... but it was big - probably a half pound (250 gram) patty. I like Jack in the Box and Burger King and Wendys better that McDonalds.

    Taco Time is way better than Taco Bell. Arby's is good - I like the Jamoca shakes. KFC rules, although I hear they subject the chickens to harsh language and ladies lingerie before they beat them to death.

    Fish 'n chips is always good if the fish isn't dried out to the point of being cardboard. Out here we have Ivar's (a local boy who made REAL good) and Spuds (another local boy who didn't have quite the penache of Ivar Haglund), and a bunch of independent places. each has a different type of breading. Too few of them offer Calamari (squid). As a disiple of Lord Cthulhu, I am oblicated to eat squiddy things. No problemo.

    Years ago in NYC, before JackInTheBox left town, I had fun one time... this was when they had the big JackInTheBox that you spoke into to give your order. I drove up and said, "Forgive me Jack, for I have sinned..." That got a pretty good laugh from the kitchen crew.

  • ohiocowboy

    Chevy's said....

    White Castle is famous for their little burgers with air filled buns. It takes about 4 or 5 of them to fill you up.

    OMG! I must be a total pig! I always get 10 of them with a side of fries and onion chips...The dog always gets the 10th one though, so I guess I shouldn't feel too bad ....

    Funny thing about Jack in the box-Growing up, nobody in the congregation was allowed to go there, because it was rumored that they used blood by-products in the milkshakes.

  • Ghosthunter

    White Castles and onion chips are the BEST at 3:00 a.m. when you have a good buzz. Ahhhhhh. The memories. Don't have them in West Michigan, have to buy them frozen. Always stop when I'm down in Hoosier country.

    Around her, Taco Bell. None of that new stuff. Bean burritoes and taco supremes. Bring on the BEANO!


  • wednesday

    havent' seen a white cstle in a while, but love occ to eat at

    KFC, sonic, jack in box, taco bell. or any kind of pizza

    jack in the box's MONSTER TACO is my fav.

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