Balanced Question for All Politically Interested Posters

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  • bisous

    We have so many vocal posters here, on both sides of the fence....any of you actually involved in your candidate's campaigns?

    How many of you are working to get your Presidential candidate in to office? How much time are you devoting and how? Are you seeing lots of volunteers, if you are? What is going on out there in the trenches......if you are there? How is Joe Q. Public reacting to your efforts?

  • Yerusalyim

    Since I work for the government I'm limited in what I can do, but yes, without going into detail, I am supporting Bush's re-election efforts.

  • Richie

    Even though I live in Canada and have little interest in Canadian politics, I love American politics. If I were living in the USA, I would definitely be involved in the Republican campaign for the re-election of Bush. Even though I am a (Canadian) bystander, I read and dissect many commentaries every day on political issues - I find them fascinating, especially during election time...never a dull moment!

    Richie :*)

  • bisous

    hmmmm.............. Interesting, IMO. I would have thought that with the vigor of opinions, involvement would be greater on the part of our posting population.

  • wednesday

    my health does not permit me to actively help, but i am doing what i can to help get Bush relected. (ie internet activity) The only real issue for me this year is national security. everything else takes a backseat.

  • LucidSky

    I am gearing up for grassroots activities to raise awareness and register voters in PA and MD. My main issues: economic (e.g. workers, deficit, etc), "closed" government policies and national security. My GF is assisting me. Her brother is also joining the Kerry campaign.

  • gypsywildone

    I have long been involved in local politics on a small scale, & have been appointed to my local zoning board for over 6 years now.

    I feel you are on the right track here, it is a healthy way to deal with one's political feelings & opinions, not by trying to preach our own particular view point & try to gain converts. Too much like jws, having to win, win, win.

    There are many ways to channel energy in the right direction, everyone could phone their local party head quarters or even their senator & find out how to be part of the solution instead of part of the problem.

  • jst2laws

    Excellent Idea for a thread, Bisous

    My political awareness has been elevated in the last year. We were DF'd about 15 months ago but just two months ago I walked into City Hall and told the Mayor what I thought. When I get back from our summer trip I'm getting involved in some way in the Presidential election.

    At this point I'm more motivated by what I feel needs to be stopped than what I think needs to be started. Mainly getting religious beliefs out of government policy, again.

    I too wish we all would put are feelings into action rather then get excited about politics on this board.


  • L_A_Big_Dawg

    I am not currently volunteering any time to a political candidate. I have no additional time for any politiacl work this year.

    Though last summer I did gather signatures (volunteer) to oust Gray "Lowbeam" Davis from office.


  • Double Edge
    Double Edge

    I also collected signatures to get Gray Davis out of office.... (yay, it worked!). I work on local elections, leave the national ones for the dogs to fight it out themselves.

    hmmmm.............. Interesting, IMO. I would have thought that with the vigor of opinions, involvement would be greater on the part of our posting population.

    And what is it that YOU do?

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